Best Tourist Places in Bangalore

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Bangalore tourism can take you through its rich legends, diverse culture, landscapes, and stories. The best tourist places in Bangalore are nothing short of splendor, legends, an architectural wonder, and more. So you will surely have a good time in Bangalore sightseeing and having fun. But if you’re new to the city and don’t know where to start or what to see, we have listed down some of the best tourist places to visit in Bangalore – from forts to temples, gardens, and others.

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Chhota Ladakh – Lesser known tourist places in Bangalore

Location – 60 km away from Bangalore

Every one of us wishes to visit Leh Ladakh at least once in our lives. We may not always get the chance to visit it but to those living in or near Bangalore, there is a place that can give you some satisfaction of ever seeing something close to the paradise up north.

Best Tourist Places in Bangalore

Image source – Tripoto

Otherwise known as Dodda Ayyur, Chhota Ladakh is one of the lesser-known tourist places near Bangalore that holds a resemblance to Leh Ladakh. In the midst of the quarry lies a lake with crystal clear water reflecting the backdrop. It’s a picturesque view and you can spend a day here with your friends camping or just hanging out.

Chhota Ladakh has also been hailed as one of the best places near Bangalore for one-day trips and bike rides. Some also refer to it as the best Bangalore breakfast place.

Best Tourist Places in Bangalore 1

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Bikers love to visit this place. The early morning ride here from Bangalore will give you a rush of pleasure. On the way, you will find cafe coffee day and an empire restaurant where you can stop for a few minutes and sip on drinks before heading out on the road again.

A word of caution – Do not go swimming or near the lake, as there have been cases of drowning, hence it is prohibited. Best to go with your friends as it is quite secluded here.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Location – Sri T, Sankey Road, High Grounds, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Show timings – Mondays closed; Tuesday – Sunday: 10:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Entry fee – Adults – 35Rs; Kids below 16 – 20Rs.

One of the best places in Bangalore for kids is the Nehru Planetarium, one of the 5 planetariums in India which are all named after the first Prime Minister of India. It’s a famous tourist attraction in Bangalore. If you’re into space stuff or science, then you will enjoy visiting this place. The planetarium hosts multiple shows and exhibits related to space.

Best Tourist Places in Bangalore 2

Image source – holidify

The shows are run under a big dome-shaped auditorium that offers an immersive experience of outer space and the universe. You will be star-struck and awed by every minute. Witness what space is like, how the universe came to be, and more. There are four shows which are the major attraction of the planetarium –

  • Exploring the universe
  • Dawn of the space age
  • Natural Selection
  • Know your stars

Few things to keep in mind before visiting the planetarium –

  • Mobile phones and photography are prohibited inside the auditorium
  • The minimum age for entry is 4 years
  • Inquiry about seats available before visiting the place in case if it too crowded or there are fewer people
  • The shows are exhibited in two languages only – Kannada and English. If you don’t know Kannada, go to an English show.
  • No telephone or online and advanced booking is available. It is available in person.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the auditorium.

There are small stalls where you can purchase science-related books and toys for the kids. A food stall is also available.

Devanahalli fort

LocationNear Devanahalli District, Bangalore – Hyderabad Highway, Devanahalli, Karnataka 562110

Timings – 7am – 8pm

Entry fee – Free

One of the most iconic structures in Bangalore is the Devanahalli Fort. These centuries-old fort stands strong even today and holds many stories and legends. Its architecture and historical significance has attracted many tourists and is a popular place for sightseeing in Bangalore. It was originally a mud fort built by Malla Baire Gowda of Avati, who was a Vijayanagara vassal in 1501. Hyder Ali later rebuilt the fort with stone in the late 18th Century.

Best Tourist Places in Bangalore 3

Image source –

The fort is also said to be the birthplace of Tipu Sultan. Inside the fort lies a few temples dedicated to local deities. Do visit them to get a glimpse of history and see what the old Bangalore was like.

Bangalore Palace

LocationPalace Road, Vasanth Nagar.

Timings – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry fee –INR 230 for Indians: INR 460 for foreigners

Camera charges: INR 685, Mobile camera: INR 285, Video camera: INR 1485.

If you are seeking to experience one of a kind royalty, head over to the Bangalore palace which was commissioned by the Mysore king, Chamarajendra Wodeyar. During his trip to England, His Majesty was so inspired by the architecture of Windsor Castle and others in Normandy. The construction of the palace was completed in 1878.

The architectural style of the Bangalore palace is a mix of Tudor and Scottish Gothic. You get a feeling of being in England’s countryside when you see the palace. The lower half of the exterior wall is covered with beautiful vines, an iconic sight in Namma Bengaluru.

Best Tourist Places in Bangalore 4

Image source – Wikipedia

The interiors are mainly wooden with some elements imported from England. Contrary to the English look of the Palace exterior, the interior is quite Indian. It features many famous paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries, including those of Raja Ravi Verma; animal trophy heads from hunting by the Wodeyars, photograph collections, and exquisite furniture.

The huge grounds near the Palace have hosted some world-famous concerts of Backstreet Boys, Lamb of God, Ludacris, Bryan Adams, Aerosmith, and many more.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat

Location No.1, Art Complex, Kumara Krupa Road, near The Lalit Hotel, Kumara Park East, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Timings – 11am – 6pm

Entry fee – Free

Art lovers, this way! This fine art museum in the heart of Bangalore is one of the most beloved spots for art enthusiasts. The art complex houses 13 museums rich with artworks of famous artists like Roerich, Amrita Sher-Gil, Krishna Reddy, etc., a collection of rare artifacts, leather puppets, Mysore traditional paintings, and more, all on a permanent display.

There is also a gallery that hosts regular exhibitions of artworks of both local and famous artists from India. The building is surrounded by lush greenery which is well-maintained by the staff. A day spent here is a day well spent. Immerse yourself in the art and culture of India, explore different kinds of art, and immerse yourself in the works that will take you on a unique journey.

The complex also hosts shopping exhibitions often, you get the chance to visit the commercial exhibition. You will find handicrafts, traditional and folk painting stalls, ceramic and terracotta pottery items, beautiful tribal fashion accessories, sarees, Indian furniture, and many more. It’s one of the best places to go shopping, but it won’t always be there, so check online before you visit.

Vidhana Soudha

Location Sampangi Rama Nagar

The largest Legislative building in India is the Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore. The architectural style of the magnificent building is Dravidian, and tourists can only view it from outside. The public is not allowed inside the building, but one can take permission to enter inside.

There are a total of 172 rooms inside Vidhana Soudha which were constructed in the span of four years from 1956-56. The building was constructed as a response to colloquial and western structures in Bangalore. It was built to represent the architecture & culture of India. Today, Vidhana Soudha defines Bangalore and Karnataka as it is an iconic structure.

An interesting fact about Vidhana Soudha – The idea of the architectural structure was conceived when the then CM of Karnataka, Kengal Hanumanthaiah was showing a Russian cultural delegate around Bangalore and they asked him, “Do you not have any architecture of your own? They’re all European”.

Attara Kacheri

Location – Opp. to Vidhana Soudha, Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru – 560001

The High Court of Karnataka, also known as Attara Kacheri, which translates to “18 departments” is one of the most famous places in Bangalore. It is right opposite of Vidhana Soudha and is red, hard to miss. The architecture is in the style of Greco-Roman, which was built by the Commissioner of Mysore, Lewin Bentham Bowring in 1864. The unique architecture of the building is what attracts hundreds of tourists from all over.

If you walk into the kachori on a normal day you will find many lawyers with their clients roaming the corridors and stopping to stare at the digital boards that list hearings. The central library is close by and is also another major attraction in the city. So do give it a visit.

Lal Bagh – Bangalore places to visit for one day

Location South End circle; Mavalli

Timings – 6 am – 8 am

Entry fee – Rs 20

Known for its variety of species of flowers, trees, and plants, Lalbagh is the city’s most beloved spot for morning walks, family picnics, and romantic rendezvous. There are gates in all four directions. In the heart of Lalbagh lies the famed beautiful glasshouse that occasionally showcases works of art made with flowers. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Bangalore.

Image source – holidify

Lalbagh was completed in 1856 by Tippu Sultan. It has a collection of rare trees, some as old as centuries. The rich collection is home to hundreds of monkeys and attracts many exotic birds such as pond heron, purple moorhen, Brahminy kite, and more. It’s known as one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for couples.

There are a big lake and walking space around it. You can feed puffed rice to the fishes and enjoy the simplicity of little things.

Image source –

The Lalbagh rock that’s 3000 million years old, one of the oldest rock formations on earth is another famous attraction. It’s surely one of the best places to visit.

Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain

LocationOpp to Jawahar Lal Nehru Planetarium, Raj Bhavan Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Timings – Mondays closed; Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 4pm; 5pm – 8:30pm

Entry fee – Rs30

One of the most technologically advanced and biggest musical fountains in India, Indira Gandhi Musical fountain will surely make your time in Bangalore memorable and fun. Watching the water dance with different colored lights shining through it can be pretty mesmerizing and hypnotizing too. With the music playing in the background, it can offer time for those visiting Bangalore with their families.

Image source – thrillophilia

With as many as 1000 nozzles, the fountain has 15 formations and 27 different combinations that provide a visual delight. The beginning and the concluding part of the show has patriotic songs like the ‘Vandematharam’ and ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’ being played while simultaneously screening the tourist spots in Karnataka and India.

They also play famous old Bollywood songs of Raj Kapoor and Amita Bacchan movies. Kannada songs like “Jogada Siri Belakinalli” and “Siri Gangadham Galge” are also played.

The fountain has a seating capacity of about 700 to 1000 people and an average of about 500 people visit on Saturdays and Sundays. Most people visit the shows during the summer season.

Indian Music Experience

LocationOpp.Wood Rose Club, Brigade Millenium Rd, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Timings – Friday – Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Entry fee – Adults and children above 12 – Rs250

Children below 12 and senior citizens above 60 – Rs150

Indian Music Experience is an interactive museum of classical Indian music and instruments. It’s one of a kind museum dedicated entirely to the Indian music scene from the ancient era to the modern. Discover various genres, explore traditional and contemporary music, stories about famous music makers, and more.

Image source –

Don’t miss the sound garden where you’re likely to have fun creating your own music. The sound garden has various kinds of musical instruments installed that make a sound when you tap them or run your fingers over them or when the wind blows. Most of them are made of metal and some are of stone. Each installation has a design – some in the shape of wind chimes, some in flower, waves, etc.

Image source –

The museum also has a learning center where you can learn all kinds of music.

St.Mary’s Basilica

LocationMsgr. F. Noronha Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051

Saint Mary’s Basilica is one of the oldest churches in Bangalore. It was built around the 17th century by a group of Christians who arrived from Tamil Nadu. Back then, it was just a thatched hut named “Chapel of Kanikkai Madha”. As the city developed, more and more devotees, both Indian and European began attending the mass. So the Britishers decided to expand the church and elevated its structure.

The architectural style of the Basilica which is Gothic attracts thousands of people. The beautiful stained glass windows add a dash of colors and beauty to the architecture. Even the pillars have motifs and ornaments that stand out and catch the eye of the visitors. During the month of September, St. Mary’s Basilica attracts thousands of people from all over Bangalore with their festival called St. Mary’s feast.

The festival celebrates the birth of Mother Mary and organizes a grand feast for everyone. It is held for 10 days and mass is offered in several languages. Mass marriages are also conducted for the poor and needy.

Over to you

Have these places piqued your interest in touring Bangalore yet? Which of the above places is going to visit first? Do let us know in the comments! We told you it is quite diverse in its landscapes and culture.

While visiting these places, you might come across many others that may or may not be a tourist spot but you will love them regardless, for Bangalore has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for other places to visit in Bangalore, do check out our other blogs which are all dedicated to providing information about the city – its food, places, things to do, experience, and many more! 


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