These Themed Restaurants in Bangalore will make your Dining Experience more Exciting!

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Are you bored of the regular dining experiences/scenes? Looking for some culinary adventure that lets you immerse in fantasies? If you think Bangalore is all about fine dining and the regular pubs, you haven’t fully explored it yet! These Themed Restaurants in Bangalore will make your Dining Experience more Exciting! Just when we thoug

These Themed Restaurants in Bangalore will make your Dining Experience more Exciting!

ht Bangalore couldn’t get any cooler, we did some exploring for you and found some of the best theme restaurants in Bangalore that are unique and exciting! In the nooks and corners of Indiranagar and Koramangala, the scenes from movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter come alive to give you an immense experience in the culinary world. So read on to explore them and be wowed, again! 

Black Pearl Koramangala

Where – 105, 4th Floor, Vikas Tech Park, 5th Block, Jyoti Nivas College Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Cuisine – North Indian and Mughlai

Reviews – 4.0

Pirates of the Caribbean movie series are some of the best movies you’ll ever watch. A countless time. And dream you were a part of that scene in real life, hanging out with the pirates, with Captain Jack Sparrow, being inside the ship, and oh the Black Pearl! She’s a real beauty. What if we told you that you can actually have that dream here, in Bangalore?

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Head over to this pirates restaurant called Black Pearl in Koarmanagala and you will find yourself dining in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie-inspired restaurant. It’s India’s largest Pirates themed buffet restaurant. The interior is heavily themed with pirate-y items like pirate statues, fake skeletons, huge webs, chairs with ribs for back support, quirky chandeliers, bar stools that look like finger bones, and many more that really gives you the feeling of being inside a pirate’s ship. 

These Themed Restaurants in Bangalore will make your Dining Experience more Exciting! 2

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The woody interiors and the thrilling atmosphere make it an amazing experience to dine here. The food too is as good as the interiors. Try some of their pirate-y mocktails paired with some delicious Murgh Kadai Peshawari or Bhuna Gosht. 

They also have a buffet, barbeque, and live fish counter. Vegetarians items are low in the count so don’t expect that many options if you are a vegetarian. Nonetheless, the food is great and has got great reviews!  Ahooyyy!!

It can get quite crowded on weekends, so make sure to reserve the seats.

Isiri resto-bar – Train themed restaurant 

Where – Doddanekundi Junction, Outer Ring Rd, Doddanekkundi, Bengaluru – 560037

Cuisine – Pan-Asian, Indian, and Continental. 

Reviews – 4.7

A train-themed restaurant in Bangalore serves a unique experience on a plate. The entire restaurant is set in a railway station set-up with the trains, the platforms, and even those yellow signboards announcing different stations like “Bengaluru” and “Sringeri”. 

Inside the train coaches, the interiors look exactly like the interiors of real trains with a little change in the color theme. There are train seats and tables arranged on the sides, next to the grilled windows. You will literally feel like you’re on a stationary train.

These Themed Restaurants in Bangalore will make your Dining Experience more Exciting! 3

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You can inside the coach or on the platform. You would think railway food is not worth relishing but this restaurant is an exception. They serve some really drool-worthy dishes like Chicken sukka, chicken pulimunchi,  dim sums, bruschetta, and more. They also have some seafood curries and biryani. Must try some of the cocktails on the menu. 

The bar menu is quite impressive as well. They’ve got a variety of classic mixtures that go well with the food. 

Gufha Restaurant

Where – 79/8, Diagonal Road, Jayanagar East, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru 560001

Cuisine – Multi-cuisine

Reviews – 4.0

A cave themed restaurant in the president hotel in Jayanagar, Gufha provides some amazing experiences and food. As soon as you exit the lift, you are welcomed by a man dressed in tribal clothes wearing a few feathers and holding a spear. The torches hung on the wall will lead the way to cave-like interiors lit by ambient lightings. You will spot tribal masks hanging on the wall, plants, a fake tiger head, Quite primitive, ain’t it?

Get a glimpse of the primitive life with modern fine dining. The setting and the lighting creates a calm and relaxing mood, similar to a candlelight dinner experience. Some might say it is even romantic. So it is a perfect place to surprise your date with some delightful moments of candlelight dinner or lunch. The staff members are dressed as sepoys which is a little amusing. 

Coming to the menu, they have some good cocktails that go excellently with chicken. If you are a vegetarian, try the Kumbh Peshwari or the Mugal Mahal ki Sabzi degh. 


Where – #44, 4th B Cross, Koramangala Industrial Layout, 5th Block, Bengaluru – 560034

Cuisine – Asian, continental

Reviews – 4.3

Also known as the Hobbit Cafe, Dhwani is a unique restaurant in Bangalore. And you guessed it right, it’s a hobbit-themed cafe in Koramangala. Hobbit lovers will not keep calm here. You will fall in love with the ambiance here. The entire theme of the cafe resembles a shire house with big round doors and windows, with symbols painted all over the walls and ceilings. One side of the cafe even has a curved ceiling that resembles Bilbo Baggins’ home.

Talking about the food menu, they serve some really delicious scrumptious chicken and burgers. Must try the big fat carnivore or the big fat herbivore if you’re a vegetarian. They are highly recommended. The menu has diverse items from Mughali food to Anglo-Indian and Indian cuisines. In the beverages menu, must try the Irish Cream Mojito and the choco lava cake shake. 

Central Jail

Where – 433/30/1, 28th Cross, 10th Main Rd, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011

Cuisine – Andhra, seafood, North Indian

Reviews – 3.8

Located right near the 4th block satellite bus stand opposite the market, Central Jail Restaurant offers a prison experience to its customers. You can dine inside the jail cells which have metal bars. Everything about this place strikingly resembles a real prison, except for the food, which is exceptional. 

The staff members of the restaurant are dressed as policemen and prison guards. Don’t worry, they are polite, although seeing a person dressed as a policeman will make you slightly more alert. The atmosphere is quite relaxed. Even the food is served on utensils that are similarly used in jails to give you a delightful prison experience. 

Coming to the food, try the drums of heaven. Noodles and Chopsuey are a favorite among many customers. Honey chicken with fried rice is a revelation! More than the food, it’s the atmosphere and the thrill of the restaurant theme that you can enjoy. You won’t find any other jail themed restaurants in Bangalore yet.

Two Friends Cauldron

Where –  39, Disha, 15th Cross Road, 4th Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

Cuisine – European

Reviews – 4.0

A Harry Potter-themed restaurant in Bangalore will surely excite many 90’s kids out there. It’s the one and only wizardry cafe. Two Friends Cauldron is a casual dining cafe in JP Nagar that serves regular continental foods like kinds of pasta, burgers, pizzas, shakes, and beer. 

These Themed Restaurants in Bangalore will make your Dining Experience more Exciting! 4

Image source – Facebook

The cafe isn’t entirely Hogwarts themed but there are hints of magic and elements from the book – you will find flying brooms, witches on wall art, small labeled bottles labeled containing potions and magic stuff, a shrieking shack, a few boards with spell names like Alohomora, and more. 

Image source – Tripadvisor

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You will love the butterbeer served here. It’s a butterscotch flavored beer. You will also love the chocolate frogs which unlike in the movies stay still. Coming to the menu, the dishes’ names are inspired by the terminologies and character names in the Harry Potter world. 

The menu is designed like a Marauder’s map. You will find items like Marvolo’s wings and crispy acid pops, Mrs. Weasley’s veg pizza, Gregory Caesar Salad, Green slime, red slime, and such. Overall, the food is alright. It will be more fun if you go with fans and for the fun of it. 

Hunger Camp

Where –  Next to Kalyani Magnum Tech Park, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Bengaluru – 560078

Cuisine – North Indian, Mughlai, & Chinese

Reviews – 4.2

A military-themed restaurant will surely give you a taste of army life. It’s a casual dining restaurant that is decorated with military props. A part of the restaurant’s interiors is themed with artificial bunkers, another with military tents and army props. Another Instagram worthy diner to make your Insta feed look more captivating. The bunker part of the diner is dimly lit, which makes the ambiance all the more exciting and relaxing. Gunny bags are stacked for the decor and to add more to the bunker feel.

Image source – Tripadvisor

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Start your culinary trip with some steaming hot soup. They have mouth-watering tandoori starters in both veg and non-veg. (They’re to die for!) The menu also has some south Indian foods, particularly from Karnataka. Indulge in some neer dosa or appam with dal or delicious curries. They also serve really good biryanis. Pair your dishes with some refreshing mocktails. We recommend pineapple shikanji. 

Over to you

Well, is the Potterhead in you crying out to Two Friends Cauldron yet? Or is the pirate craving for some ship scenes? These themed restaurants in Bangalore have got you covered! Do head over to these restaurants and let us know what you thought about them! Top Bangalore is always here to bring you the best content related to food, travel, experiences, stories, and many more! If you have been to these restaurants already, tell us what you liked about them in the comments.

Do you wish Bangalore opened any of your favorite movie-themed restaurants? We would like to see an Indiana Jones themed restaurant or a cafe. What about you?


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