Top 13 Home Bakers in Bangalore City

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There’s something about desserts that makes them special in our tummies…and hearts, don’t they? No matter how a meal fills us up, we still have room for dessert Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cupcakes, Pudding, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Pastries, Tart, Puffs, and so on

Regardless of how strong you are or what new diet you are on, these home bakers in Bangalore will get through to you. What makes them great? The love of baking comes through in their work. Let’s check out these Bengalurean home bakers who have turned their passion for baking into a home business.

Cakes and bakeries are the best desserts any city can have. Bangalore being such an amazing city has all the options for any kind of desserts, bakery, cakes and pastries, and much much more made by home bakers and commercial operators. Obviously, everyone has sweet cravings or you call it sweet tooth. 

Bangalore has bakeries and bakers in the city everywhere. Who doesn’t like cakes? Do you know anyone who doesn’t like cakes? No. right. Exactly.

So check out the list of the best sweet treats in town by the home bakers!

(Be aware, don’t read this if you’re hungry or on a low-sugar diet; however, you will find some healthy bakes and alternatives, too!)

1. Crave by Leena :

Completely Vegan Cakes, Cupcakes, Muffins, Cookies, Desserts, and Buttercream, Leena is a certified chef. Her professional baking started with her course in Tafe, Sydney, and then continued as a cake decorating artist at the renowned Sydney baking institute, Planet cakes under the guidance of Paris Cutler. She was awarded the first runner-up in Peta’s 2014 Great Vegan Desserts Challenge.

She has been baking vegan cakes for Bangaloreans including corporates and restaurants like Boeing, Bangalore International School, Indus, Mimansa by Azure Hospitality Brand, Bohemians and even making them for head chefs of Taj!

They have a unique pick-up menu where you can place an order on the website and get it delivered within 2 hours. It’s made fresh instantly and delivered to the customers.

They have a wide range of menus to select from. With options like keto cakes, sugar-free cakes, gluten-free cakes, theme-based cakes, customized cakes, and much more. 

They deliver all orders for free on orders above Rs 999.


2. Pudducakes

Whether you are vegan or health-conscious, pudducakes are a perfect choice. There is no processed sugar in these foods, and they are raw, gluten-free, and soy-free. I know some of you are wondering how a cake tastes so good without all the naughty ingredients, but Pudducakes definitely do! 

Best of all, Pudducakes are named after the baker’s cat! Those who are on a health kick and have a sweet tooth will enjoy this dessert. It is not too sweet, is good for your health, and it is good for the environment.

Every Friday, Pudducakes makes a large batch of Puddupots and sends them out between 11 AM and 2 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. The big pudducakes are delivered daily between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Self-collection is also available

you can order on Instagram or on the Puddu’s website

Puddacakes, Koramangala,

Tel: 80412 00469

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3. The Cupcake Connection :

Dental students Nida and Nidhi bake cupcakes for every occasion. Whether it is a birthday, a wedding, anniversary, friendship day or you are run-of-the-mill eat an entire cake day. Not just a cupcake but a blend of fresh flowers & scented candles which enhance their monograms. Every cupcake gets only the best love and care, your orders are carefully packed in either beautifully decorated boxes or cane baskets by these home bakers.

This is run by students and due to short availability of time, they only deliver to selected places in Bangalore which are only delivered to Sanjay Nagar, Hebbal, Frazer Town, and Shivaji Nagar. But you can always dunzo your desired product to your location if it’s not on the list. They have also been featured on multiple top sites and platforms. 

You can place your order on their Instagram

 Their Red Velvet Cupcake – they look like white roses, and we’d 100% prefer these to a bouquet, any day! Great gift hampers for any festive season, no?

4. Dough Re Mi :

Archana Kanoria, daughter-in-law of Anushree Choudhary is a duo who started Dough Re Mi. Their menu is a blend of global savory desserts that includes perfect tea cakes, chocolate chip cookies, apple pie muffins, salted caramel popcorn cupcakes, ice creams, and sorbets. They bake bread, make fresh pasta, Asian salads and so much more.

They also curate hampers for festive seasons and wedding occasions.

You can not miss their homemade sorbets and ice creams, they have a unique flavor called yuzu and limoncello which is made out of Japanese citrus fruit and limoncello liquor.

With over 3600 followers on Instagram and an amazing brand presence on social media, this is one home baker you should surely try out. 

They also publish several blogs on other platforms which state the process of making their products and they also share recipes for the easiest dishes that can be made right at home with the least ingredients. 

5. Love & Crumble:

Baker Anutha Shetty’s crazy good cookies, sold under the label Love & Crumble, are good enough as desserts and not just snacks. Plus, they now do cookie dough. 

Her menu includes banana bread, her signature peanut butter cookie pie, Butterscotch cookies, Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie, a Dutch Dark Chocolate Stuffed Brookie, brownie plus cookie cake, and the Nutella Stuffed Cookie Cake.

Her cookies are available to be ordered online at the swiggy store. Although the bigger batches need to be placed 2 days prior to the delivery. 

They have over 9000 plus followers on their Instagram page and they are really active on their social media page. So with instant responses, customers are really happy to order from them. 

Instagram Page:

6. Petit Crumbs :

Need the best-iced cookies, French macarons, mini cakes, and petit crumbs by Subalakshmi to get you covered. Specialized in iced cookies this home baker has put her imagination on these vanilla flavored cookies as an artist on his canvas cupcakes, mini cakes, designer cakes, mini layered cakes called Petit Fours. 

Petit Fours are cute bite-sized layered cakes that have everything from some salted caramel to chocolate fillings.

Parties, baby showers, engagements, or anniversaries are perfect for every occasion. Lastly, the French macron is available in every flavor and can be customized accordingly.

Petit Crumbs works on existing designs as well as things that you pick straight out of Instagram or Pinterest!

They make the best-customized cakes in town. Whatever a person can imagine, it can be delivered by them beautifully. They also make 100% eggless cakes.

They are featured on top sites like, Times of India, What’s hot Bangalore, and many more. They also have a running website where you can see their portfolio and place orders directly from the website itself. 

You can reach her

Link –

Mail –

Ph no. – 096202 046

7. Noopur’s Kitchen :

Self-taught home baker Noopur is an MBA graduate who is inspired by her travels around the world. She says that her experiments lead to learning. Talking about the Instagram handle which gives detailed information on her menu – Divine Strawberry Cheesecake Galettes, Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Madeleines, pink forest cupcakes, and 8 layered Russian honey cake.

She is also known for her Tiramisu, Brownies, and killer-looking Parsi Sooji Mawa Cake.

They also have 100% eggless options which are delivered superfast.

You can reach her –


Contact : 097402 27477


8. Itsy bitsy bytes :

Divya runs this home bakery and calls it a “one-woman show”. She loves to play with fondant on her cakes and adds an emotional touch to them which makes these cakes extremely beautiful and artistic. She is one of the best fondant cake bakers in the city. She also teaches fondant cake decorations and sugar figurines. She delivers all her orders very quickly.

Reach her 

Contact : 09880301171

Mail –

9. Cherry on top:

Who doesn’t like to have a whole cake right? So bento cakes are the best option, Raksha Shah is a specialized bento cake baker in the city. Dedicated to serving delicious handmade desserts and cakes. She even bakes mouth-watering brownies, perfect tea cakes, tart cakes, and cookies. Bento cakes are customizable according to your preference of icing, sponge, and even weight. So now you can actually have a whole cake by yourself!

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You can order these mini cakes @cotbakery on Instagram

10. RD Designer cakes:

Rashmi Dalvi, formerly an interior designer, is a cake designer and a home baker, baking for the last 7 years. She believes in baking the best quality cake in a hygienic environment. Till today she has designed over 750 custom cakes and continues to do so, always amazing her clients.  She is one of the best wedding cake designers too.

You cannot miss out on her cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, and, tea-time cakes.

Every order is customized from scratch :

  1. Made to order,
  2.  No premix,
  3.  Chemical-free,
  4.  Preservative-free.


Rashmi Dalvi was awarded as the top home baker as ‘Top 25’ in Bengaluru and the ‘Top 100’ nationally.

You can reach her at

Ph no. – 9987041809

Mail –

11. Divinebakes Patisserie: 

Divinebakes Patisserie is located in JP Nagar, Bangalore, and is run by Sruthi Agarwal. She is a certified chef with an experience of over 5 years (As of April 2022). Divinebakes bakes 100% eggless cakes and is completely homemade. 

Divinebakes was initially started in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and then they moved to Bangalore in 2020 December. So for the first time, you can find awesome taste with healthy options in Bangalore.

They have options of sugar-free cakes as well. All orders are to be placed via call or Instagram message. The order should be placed at least 2 days prior. They have one of the best-customized cakes in the city. They deliver all over Bangalore which is delivered through dunzo at an extra charge. 

They also serve corporate and event orders. Being a homemade brand, Divinebakes has gained tremendous popularity and trust within the audience for its products. 

No customization is impossible with them. Just show them a reference or just describe what you want and get it the way you always wanted or thought about how your cake should be. You not only get amazing styling and appearance of cake but an amazing and original taste as well. 

Instagram :

Contact : 9642715323


12. Healthy bakes by @tanus.tanu

A mother, wife, and daughter who loves baking and loves food. She is a firm believer in wholesome, yum ingredients. Certified by FSSAI home baker Tanu Mehra believes all food choices should be respected and accommodated, and even though her menu consists of about 80 percent of healthy bakes, she makes sure to include a handful of sinful goodies as well.

 She makes keto cakes, gluten-free desserts, refined sugar-free treats, and even food dyes that come from plants. Her bakes are optimally fresh due to her use of the best ingredients, so their shelf lives are so short that they must be consumed as soon as possible (no more judging if you eat them all at once!)

Some of her best desserts are:

  1. Gooey Chocolate Brownies

  2. Keto Cheesecake Jar 

  3. Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake

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13. Ange & Co.

Established in the year 2013, Ange & Co. is an avant-garde dessert and cake boutique which offers a premium collection of cakes and desserts, specially designed for your occasion and requirements. 

They embellish your cake with lovely fondants and also have an option of cake tasting available so that you get exactly what you are looking for. All their desserts are designed and curated by pastry chef Farzana Rahman.

They have a special menu for small treats called entremet menu. It’s really worth it to check this out. Perfect for corporate and house events.

The assortment of products offered at this cake shop includes:

  • Wedding cake
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Brownies
  • Cake pops
  • Cake jars
  • Eggless cakes
  • Tarts

You can order these delicacies on their website:

The number of amateur home bakers (thanks to COVID) and small baking establishments has been growing steadily, much to the delight of all of us who like sweets.

Shamsher Kumar

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