Top 10 Hill Stations Near Bangalore City

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Hill stations are the place where we can see  attractive treats of the eyes. Most of the people choose hill stations in summertime because the climate is cooler in these places. It’s worth spending time in a hill station instead of being in a hot city.  Moreover, working people choose scenic places as it brings calmness around them. 

Hill station is a place where most of the people love to go for their vacation with their family , friends and also with their loved ones. Most of the hilly places are located in small villages or town-like places. Let us know some benefits about hill stations. Many people choose hilly places for their vacation because it provides relaxation and spending a few days in hilly places brings magical experience. The famous hill stations in bangalore are listed below these hill stations are very near to bangalore all the 10 hill stations are located within 130km.

Here we have listed top10 hill stations near bangalore (within 130km)





5.Nandi hills


7.Rangaswamy Betta



10.kunti betta 


1. Savandurga

Savandurga is the first hill station we are going to see. Savandurga is a hill which is near to bangalore(51km). Savandurga in fact is known for the” black hills and the white hills”.  Other Hand  karigudda and biliugudda.Made of huge rocks,granite and it is not so easy to climb the hills.Moreover Savandurga is well known for pilgrimage centre with the Veerabhadra Swamy temple and the Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temple at the foothills.Savandurga yes it’s openedYou can trek from Narasimha Swamy temple on the path to  the path to reach the hill Savandurga trek is opened . The 1.4 mileS Savandurga trek is timed from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm every day. Savandurga trek is safe for everyone . The entry fee is 450 per person.  The fee is made Compulsory by the fee department.

2. Ramanagara

Located just 56km outside of Bangalore.If we are going to Ramanagara don’t forget to take a camera along with you because we can capture many cultures like Indian and Egyptians vulture , Similarly Ramanagara is also famous for being a shoot location for the famous movie “SHOLAY”. After visiting some places in ramanagara don’t forget to visit Ramadevara Betta Hill that is located away from  the concrete jungle of Bangalore. Ramnagar’s recent development has made the lake and the hills beautiful. Now the lake has become a famous tourist spot and Ramanagara view.

 it is beautiful during sunset and we can sit upon the hills and we can see the beautiful scenery and cool air with our family and friends. It is a right spot to pick as a tourist spot Rangarayara doddi lake is an awesome experience.

Here you can enjoy boating with a dazzling nature ambience. If you are travelling you must carry your eatables and water as there is no shop nearby and in this place the road conditions are not great. 


3. Anthargange

Anthargange is the third nearest hill station in Bangalore (62km).In Anthargange undoubtedly we get freshwater which flows throughout the year. We can come with your family and friends for a small walk and we get refreshness with the freshwater. Anthargange is famous for exploration and staying at night in a cave. It is  popular for temples and Anthargange caves and night treks and camping.

 People think Anthargange trek is difficult but it is calm ,  pleasant, surprising and most importantly very safe for night as well as day time trekking. It takes around 1 hr to reach the peak of the mountain but some places in trekking are difficult. It’s moderate.  Anthargange trekking journey will take around 6 kilometres  , about 4 hrs to complete this trek.


4. Makalidurga

It is another hill station near Bangalore (62km). This place is good for hiking. In Makalidurga hills  at the base there is a pond ,once we come back from climbing the hill we can refresh there. In Makalidurga there is a fort situated at the top. The massive granite hill is the main focus in Makalidurga .Near to the  fort there is an old temple of Shiva with Nandi. In this we have Makalidurga fort built by shahaji  Bhosle.  Makalidurga trek is done in the morning and we can complete the trekking in 5 to 6 hrs.  This trekking comes under the control of the Department of forest,  karnataka government.

In trekking it has two levels. The difficulty level is moderate and it can be done easily. For booking  this place we should visit the website that is to complete your booking. It just takes 2 hrs from Bangalore to reach this place. The people who are thinking of a short trip can visit this place.  It is advisable to carry your eatables and drinking water along with you while you are going to makalidurga trek. There is an entry fee for makalidurga trek 450 per person to be paid to the forest department. So you have to plan accordingly and visit this place. 


5. Nandi Hills

For a short trip Nandi hills is the best choice and it is near to bangalore (62 km). It has scenic views of greenery and Maratha-era fortresses. If you are willing to go mountain biking you can. There are many best sightseeing in Nandi Hills some of those are –

Tippu s’ summer residence 

Tippu s’ drop

Nandeeshwara temple

Amrita Sarovar


The best time to visit Nandi hills is from September to May. It is the best time to visit Nandi hills . The other monsoon months are less, so it is advisable not to visit because the roads may be slippery and it is difficult to climb the hill.  There are entry fees for nandi hills per person 5 INR and extra charges for parking.  As Nandi hills is recent it shows beautiful scenery of sunrise, sunset, some foggy clouds and mists around. Nandi hills are good tourist spots for couples also. A one day trek that can be done within 4 to 5 hrs of time . Apart from trekking in Nandi hills there are plenty of adventure games for kids and adult like, 

  • Nature camping
  • Paragliding
  • Cycling
  • Biking
  • Trek to channagiri

and visit some more places which are listed above. Nandi hills are open only five days a week Monday to Friday.One who has pre-booked such people can stay at the top of the hill even during weekends. Visiting Nandi hills is from 6 am to 10 pm.


6. Narayangiri

Narayanagiri is around 72km from Bangalore. Narayangiri hill is one of the lesser peak mountains in Bangalore. Narayanagiri is also a spectacular view of a small rain water pond on one side of the temple. We have a temple over there in a fairly modern structure but the actual temple is inside the brick structure which is made up of stones and attractively carved pillars.

The activities you can do in the hills are

  • Camping
  • Night trekking
  • Zip line
  • Rappelling
  • Target shooting
  • Bird watching
  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking
  • Trekking
  • Jummarring

The highlight in Narayanagiri is exploring the peak of the hill  , better go to this place at the time of sunrise and you can enjoy watersports and swimming in manchinbele dam. Narayanagiri place is situated at about 15 km from Ramanagaram and offers a great spot for water activities and trekking.  You can also stay there if you go through some tour operator. In Narayanagiri place it is advisable to carry water bottles and food to that place because there is no source of drinking water availability at the top of the hill. In Narayanagiri there is a temple called laxmi  Naryana built at the top of the mountain . The laxmi Naryana temple is open only in saturdays. It is a perfect place for a weekend and relaxing at the top of a hill with your family and friends. 


7. Rangaswamy Betta

Rangaswamy Betta is the next hill station located in Bangalore south (78km).Rangaswamy betta is also known as Bilikal Rangaswamy betta.If you are new in trekking then you  can visit Rangaswamy Betta with your family and friends .There is a night hike option as well.But you get the fact of having a lot of green,healthy plants,grass and trees it is better to enjoy during the daytime. If you are looking for good spot for trekking this is a right choice you can enjoy lot with your family and friends. It is a brilliant view and a bit of history.In Rangaswamy Betta we can see some elephants also. There is no entry fee on this hill. It requires 2 to 3 hrs to go to this place from bangalore. 

  • The Attractive places near Rangaswamy betta are Muthyala maduva- it is also called as pearl valley. Near this fall there is a small temple dedicated to Lord shiva. 
  • Chunchi waterfall
  • Innovative film city
  • Butterfly park
  • Thottikallu falls

and some more places. 


8. Kabbaldurga

Kabbaldurga is also one of the hill stations located in bangalore (85km).If you are fitness then you can go to this place because it is extremely difficult and tiring to do. You have a night trek option but it has a bit of a trill on it. You can also camp in kabbaldurga with your family. It will be extreme fun and joy.

In this place we can see a fort which is located in Bangalore rural district, karnataka . The fort is 75 km from bangalore. Kabbaldurga trek is of medium difficulty level. To complete the trek we need 1 to 2 hrs. The best time to go to this place is anytime during the year except monsoon.  The things you should carry in trekking are comfortable sport shoes with good grip, water bottles, torch light, sun glasses, insect repellent, sun screen lotion, if you want to carry the best picture you can bring a camera. To start the trek you should have good physical condition. The minimum age to start trekking is above 12 years. 


9. Madhugiri

Madhugiri is the ninth hill station near Bangalore (100km).  Madhugiri is a city in tumkur district in the Indian state of karnataka.This place is one of the 34 educational districts of the karnataka state. In Madhugiri there is a fort built by Hyder Ali on the hill. There is no many things to do in Madhugiri and attractions to visit in this town.Madhugiri.

You can walk to the top in the daytime to enjoy the lushness .There are some places to visit on madhugiri are Madhugiri fort, Siddara betta, Channarayana Durga,SiddaGanga Mutt, Jayamangali black buck reserve.In Madhugiri trekking rate is moderate. If you are trekking for the first time you must check stamina , balance and endurance. It will take roughly 2 to 2.5 hrs to complete and reach the top and aboudan hour to descend. There is no timings for entrance and exit for Madhugiri trek, however it is recommended not to visit at night time. The fort is closed after 5′ pm in the evening. 


10. Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta is also one of the hill stations in bangalore (128km) .Kunti betta is located in Pandavapura taluk Mandya district. This hill is said to be where Bhima killed Bakasura and also kunti stayed in caves of this hillock during the period of exile. Kunti Betta has 100 stone steps. It is not popular during day hikes but it is popular at night.

Some adventurous games in kunti Betta are trekking, rock climbing, camping, swimming, boating, fishing etc. 

Kunti betta is a perfect place for rock climbing and rappelling.  In place they have Thonnur lake,  which is 4 km away from the kunti betta peak, and is a source of water for many villages surrounding areas. It can be visited along with travelling towards kunti betta. 

The best time to visit kunti betta is from October to may because there are no shops nearby ,so The visitors must carry water bottles or eatables

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