Top 10 Play/Preschools in Bangalore City

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In this age of creative and innovative mindset, children need a different approach to learning. Schooling should enable the all-round development of the child. The early years of a child are of utmost importance. Pre-schools follow a different approach than the traditional way by incorporating practical and creative learning experiences. Due to the pandemic situation parents are anxious for their children to be in a safe environment while learning. Considering this below are the top 10 pre-schools in Bangalore, each one is unique and has its own style of grooming the kids.

List of top 10 Preschools in Bangalore

  1. Kido International preschool(Safari Kid playschool) – Kalyan Nagar
  2. Head Start Montessori – Koramangala
  3. Neev pre school – Indiranagar
  4. Wecare Play school-Bangalore
  5. Indus Early Learning Centre – Koramangala 
  6. Fun and Learn Preschool – RT Nagar
  7. FirstCry Intellitots(Oi Playschool) – J.P.Nagar
  8. Bright kid school – Peenya
  9. Little feat Montessori – Koramangala
  10. Seed School Play School – Kasturi Nagar


  1. Kido International Pre School(Safari Kid playschool) – Kalyan Nagar:

They adhere to a kid-friendly environment so that the child can have a wonderful learning time in school. The uniqueness of the Pre School is that children receive individual focus to achieve their best in learning and development. They have a non-classroom learning experience which brings in interactive and fun ways of learning.


  1. Head Start Montessori – Koramangala

One of the oldest Pre Schools in Bangalore is about 35 years old. Head Start Montessori nurture’s every child’s uniqueness and helps them to discover and learn. They help the child find harmony within themselves. They are never market-driven or oriented towards promotion. They connect deeply to human reality and the world around them.

Preschool offers the following

  • The teaching methodology is based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • The teacher-student ratio of 1:15.
  • Admissions to Early Years Program from 15 months to 2.5 years and Pre-Primary program from 2.5 years to six years.
  • Montessori trained qualified teachers.
  • Learning experience planned through a wide range of Montessori activities, art, music, and play.
  • Open play area with sandpit and an indoor play area with astroturf.



3. Neev pre school – Indiranagar

Neev playschool focuses on building knowledge, self-awareness, and relationships with the people and environment. They believe every child should be taught to have passion and perseverance to achieve goals, strong traditional values, and mutual respect in any relationship. They prepare the child to face the world as an independent individual.

Pre School offers

  • The teaching methodology is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences (inter/intrapersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, mathematical, musical, and spatial development.)
  • Theme-based integrated Learning Experience.
  • Teacher: Student ratio of 1:9.
  • Admission for 1.6 to six-year-old children.
  • Facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, playground and garden, fine and performing arts studio, computer room, well-stocked library, etc.
  • Full-day program for K1 and K2.


  1. Klay Play school-Bangalore

With curiosity in their minds, children love to explore new things around them. Wecare Pre School provides such an environment for children to explore their talents and capabilities. They believe every child’s individuality needs to be respected so that they grow up to be confident. Wecare Pre School is committed to offering the highest quality early childhood education.

Pre School offers

  • Integrated teaching methodology based on the theory of multiple intelligence.
  • Admissions in the age groups of six weeks (daycare) to six years.
  • Full-day and half-day schooling.
  • Well-equipped daycare and afterschool facility.
  • Nutritious Meals.
  • Facilities like language center, science center, library, fine motor center, art center and space for sand and water play and indoor play areas with ride-on, bikes, cars, tunnels, etc.



5. Indus Early Learning Centre – Koramangala 

Indus Early Learning Centre emphasizes the learning process that engages students by making real-world connections through exploration and high-level questioning. This approach to learning encourages students to engage in problem-solving and experiential learning. This unique approach to learning makes Indus Early Learning Center one of the best Pre Schools in Bangalore. 

The Pre School offers the following:

  1. Pre School offers a good teaching methodology divided into five areas such as language, numeracy, science, personal and physical, and arts.
  2. Qualified coach for swimming.
  3. Well-equipped classrooms, Wi-Fi campus with interactive smart-boards, laptops for children, library, performing arts studio, and fine arts studio.
  4. Good parental environment.
  5. Staff and teachers are well trained and qualified.


  1. Fun and Learn Pre School – RT Nagar

Fun and Learn Pre School provides the right platform for children to empower, recognize and optimize their potential to achieve excellence in academics as well as in physical, cultural, and social development. They integrate knowledge, values, and life skills through well-researched and structured content.

Pre School offers

  • A teaching methodology, which is a combination of Montessori and Kindergarten.
  • Trained teachers, who also have an opportunity to attend workshops.
  • Support staff, who treat kids with warmth.
  • An extensive play area of 2000sq.ft and a large sandpit that accommodates 20 children at once.
  • Bathrooms with a hot water facility.
  • Freshly cooked food for lunch followed by milk and snacks in the evening.
  • Transport facility.
  • A daycare from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
  • Innovative methods of teaching involve singing, art & craft, role plays, outdoor games, and fun activity sheets.
  • Teacher-student ratio of 3:20.



7. FirstCry Intellitots(Oi Play school) – J.P.Nagar

FirstCry Intellitots provides every child the best learning experience while preparing them for the world tomorrow. They believe in “Learn While Doing” and allow every child to think and explore. By putting this into practice they provide practical learning experiences that inculcates a love for learning. The experiential learning approach allows them to create realistic, interactive, and sensory-stimulating learning experiences and build curiosity in children.



  1. Bright kid school – Peenya

Incorporating Montessori principles Bright Kid School involves creating an environment that motivates your child to be creative, independent, and self-confident. They encourage children to explore things on their own. They teach children the importance of being respectful and compassionate towards others. 



  1. Little feat Montessori – Koramangala

Little feat Montessori aims to help children reach their full intellectual, physical and psycho-social potential. Here children are challenged to achieve their best at their own pace, by absorbing exciting instructional materials, fun-filled activities, and gentle discipline which makes it one of the best Pre Schools in Bangalore.



  1. Seed School Play School – Kasturi Nagar

Seed School recognizes each child is an individual who experiences life in a different way. They nurture a child’s sense of discovery, joy, creativity, and sense of self-worth. They help the child to develop independence, confidence, ability to adjust to the environment, and build knowledge, skills, and interests.

Pre School offers

  • An intensive curriculum that helps young learners develop into confident students.
  • Teaching staff, who focuses on each child’s personal development.
  • A curriculum that emphasizes teacher-directed, independent, small group Learning Activities and experiences.
  • Hands-on learning through creative expression, math, art, language, manipulatives, outdoor learning, and dramatic play.
  • Socio-emotional learning.
  • Involvement of parents and families in all special events.
  • Field trips to zoos, farms, planetariums, science exhibitions and others.
  • Secure classrooms and surrounding areas to keep your children under constant check.
  • Strict sanitary, hand-washing, and health policies.
  • Fitness and nutrition programs to develop a lifetime of healthy habits.


These are the best kindergarten school in bengaluru, however there are many other schools are there to enrol your child nearby your location.

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