Where to find safe and affordable PGs in Bangalore

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Bangalore is no doubt, one of the best places to live in whether temporarily or permanently. The city provides excellent weather, wonderful job opportunities for everyone and amazing living spaces with safe and affordable pgs in bangalore.

The city attracts thousands of people from all over the country for jobs and tourism too. But looking for a place to stay can be an arduous task. Bangalore is a huge city and you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a decent place to live. 

Which is why, we have made a list of places in Bangalore to stay for a while – a list of safe, hygiene, friendly and affordable PGs in Bangalore. 

There are plenty of PGs available in the city, most of them are local and are owned by the residents of Bangalore. There are separate PGs available for boys and girls. However, not all of them are furnished. If you’re a student or employee moving into the city from other states or outside Bangalore, you’re probably looking for a furnished place to live. 

It’s natural that everything feels new to you – food, people, language, places, etc. You need a place that feels like your home. 

Accommodation shouldn’t be a worry, so here is a list of professionally managed living spaces in Bangalore which are far better than regular PGs and more cost-effective.  

Stanza Living Bangalore

Stanza Living is a brand of professionally managed rented rooms in over 15 cities in india. There are several in Bangalore. Stanza Living provides furnished, secure, clean and cost-effective rooms for rent – separate for girls, boys. They also have rooms for unisex and couples. 

While regular PGs come with restrictions, especially for girls, Stanza Living provides spaces with complete freedom, space that feels like home. They provide the best girls PGs in Bangalore. 

The rooms come with fully furnished beds with mattresses, bathroom, spacious cupboards, storage space, study table, curtains, appliances for common use, internet, and more. They also provide food and transport services. 

Stanza living also provides gaming, sports and fitness facilities but may come with additional cost. 


India’s largest co-living brand, Zolostays is one of the best co-living spaces/PGs for rent in Bangalore. They have spaces in other cities as well. They provide much more affordable, safe and hygienic rooms in many parts of the city. The rooms come with comfortable beds, amenities and facilities that you can’t find in regular PGs or hostels. You can find single rooms fully furnished starting from Rs.7000.

The rooms are not only comfortable but also decorative with colorful curtains and bedspreads. They also provide regular housekeeping and laundry services. You don’t even have to worry about the food as they provide delicious home cooked meals and breakfast. It is a part of the package. 

Staying in Zolo rooms can be a lot of fun. You get to be a part of a community, a part of Zo-tribe and they host Zo-tribe events sometimes. 


CoHo is your second home in Bangalore. They provide some of the best PGs in Bangalore. Enjoy a comfortable, well-decorated, fun, safe and secure co-living space. CoHo provides 

  • 24/7 concierge . Any complaint is addressed within a day

  • Furnished rooms with plenty of sunlight

  • Common area with TV, fridge, couch, self-help kitchen, and more

  • Weekly community building activities and games

  • Gym area

  • Terrace

Most of the people who have lived in CoHo have had positive experiences. Most services come within the same package so you don’t have to pay additional costs. 

Stay Abode

Stay Abode provides friendly rooms and PGs that are fancier than Zolostays and Stanza Living. It could be your own little heavenly abode! They do not compromise on comfort and security! They are located in several areas in Bangalore but some of the best are in Koramangala, HSR layout and Domlur. If you’re looking for unisex PG in Bangalore, look out for Stay Abode! 

The rooms are fully furnished. They provide comfortable beds with mattresses, bright colored curtains and bedspreads, a table, Wifi and other basic amenities and facilities. You can opt for shared rooms with 2 or more people or go opt for a private room. Stay Abode provides single room PGs in Bangalore. 

Stay Abode is more than just Pgs or brick and mortar. It’s a community as well. They go beyond the four walls to give their customers utmost convenience and assurance as everything is new to them. They make sure that the residents feel at home with their amazing properties. 


Raising the standard of rented rooms, at Grexter they even provide 24/7 lift and power backup, cafeteria, dedicated gaming zone and chilling areas, etc. Their rooms are quite well-maintained too. You can opt for 1RK, 1BHK or shared rooms. They also provide private rooms but they’re a bit pricey. All of the rooms are fully furnished and well-decorated, making sure you have an amazing place to stay in!

One of the best things about Grexter is the amazing community you will get to meet and interact with, engage in fun activities and make amazing friends! You get to be part of an awesome tribe! Find a new hobby, or even gain new skill, only at Grexter! It surely is one of a kind coliving space in Bangalore providing affordable, premium PGs and rooms for rent. Grexter even provides prepared meals, all set and ready to gorge on. Some of the rooms are available for rent for a day starting at Rs.700. Do check out their PG in Kormanagala. 


Colive has got fairly good reviews. Not as fancy as the other coliving spaces or PGs but they offer comfortable rooms with basic amenities. The rooms have chic and contemporary furniture with well-furnished accommodations, modern storage space, and self-cooking equipment. It’s the Colive style. 

Talking about the lifestyle, Colive hosts community building activities like DJ nights. They even have fitness rooms in some centres where you can join zumba, yoga, kickboxing, dance and choreography. On weekends, you get to have fun nights, you showcase your talents with comedy shows, singing, dancing, etc. In some Colive they host special screenings in the cinema room. 

For those working from home, they also provide co-working spaces. 


The customer service at Nestaway has been really good and the shifting process goes smoothly without any hassles, says some customers. The popular coliving space provides decent rooms that are affordable, the rent includes electricity and other basic facilities.

The staff at Nestaway are quite professional when it comes to handling the clients, their complaints and grievances. They have a grievance box where you can just put down any issues you have regarding your stay at Nestaway and they’ll address it within a day or too. 

The Nesties have various clubs where tenants from different rooms can gather together and do fun activities and engage in sports. There’s Nestie bike club, Nestie sports club, Nestie nights even where they host parties on a weekend every month. All to make your stay exciting and fun. These kinds of aspects make Nestaway more than just housing and homes. 

OYO life – Cheapest PG in Bangalore

Looking for the cheapest PG in Bangalore? Oyo life is the best choice. 

All of Oyo rooms are equipped with basic amenities like Wifi, surveillance, security, TV, food, etc. Most of the rooms start at ₹3000 per bed, (depending on the area) monthly rent and come with basic facilities. Though not as fully furnished as Zolostays or Stanza, and not as spacious, Oyo life provides comfortable and safe living spaces. The rooms are regularly sanitised and come with an attached bathroom, shared kitchen, laundry room, and a common living area to chill. 

Most of the Oyo rooms for rent lie in close proximity to your workspace. Due to its affordable rates and safety, Oyo life has become popular and there is a growing number of students and early professionals staying in rented Oyo rooms. They also conduct fun activities like Zumba at Oyo life. 

Note – Not all branded PGs in all areas of Bangalore have a good reputation. That doesn’t mean that they are not safe, but in some places, some customers have reported mismanagement. Otherwise the rooms are safe and secure. So before you decide to move in, do check the reviews and process thoroughly. 

The rent and location of the rooms are subject to change without notice. 


Where can I find the best places to stay in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a good place to live in, anywhere. But if you’re looking for a place that is close to your work, or close to transport systems, then Koramangala, Indiranagar, HSR Layout, Bellandur, Jayanagar, Marathahalli are some of the best places. There are decent PGs and rooms in and around Whitefield too, in case if your workplace is anywhere near there. 

Are PGs safe for girls?

Bangalore is one of the safest places for girls. Regular PGs for girls come with restrictions which can sometimes hinder your daily life. However, high-end PGs and coliving spaces are much safer without any restrictions. They provide all the basic amenities and facilities so that you don’t have to worry about anything else other than having fun. 


Can couples stay in PGs?

Regular PGs don’t support couples or live-in relationships between two opposite genders. However, Zolostays, Stanza Living and Stay Abode provide couple-friendly PGs and Unisex PGs in some areas of Bangalore. Some PGs are safe for unmarried couples but it’s always best to check for availability. 


I have some PG rooms available for rent. How can I list them?

If you have rooms for rent available, you can post them on property listing sites like housing.com and magic bricks. You can also just mention it on Google My Business and optimise it for keywords. If you’re posting your properties for rent on Google, you have to optimize for the keywords that users will use to find your property. SEO services in Bangalore can help you with that. 

Is PG better than Hostel?

It depends on your preferences. Not all PGs come with all the basic facilities. PGs have better security than hostels, so in terms of safety, PG is the choice to go with. Another advantage of PG is that you can have your friends and family over. The food too is better than hostels, for sure. Not all PGs provide food but some of coliving spaces have a common self-help kitchen so you can make your own food. 


What’s the average rent for PGs in Bangalore?

It depends on the places. Most of the regular PGs start from 3000₹. If you go for brand ones like Stanza or Zolostays, it can start from Rs. 6000 or 7000 with food and basic facilities.


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