Gelatissimo – Australia’s favorite ice cream comes to namma Bengaluru!

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Folks, if you’ve got some gelato cravings, Gelatissimo is your new hangout place!

Australia’s favourite gelato comes to namma city, in Jayanagar! Only one in Bangalore for now! Gelatissimo is the treasure trove of rich, variety of ice cream flavours. As soon as the dessert lands on your tongue, your taste buds are welcomed by an explosion of rich flavours lasting longer than your dating life! 

This famous gelato was started by the Lopresti Brothers in 2002 in Sydney as a single gelato store. It soon became a hit amongst the Australians and the store expanded to 47 franchises in the land down under. The world too caught the taste of their gelato and today, there are 12 Gelatissimos worldwide and expanding! And Bengaluru is lucky to have caught the taste among the few cities in India. 





This gem is located on a corner of 40th cross in Jayanagar 5th block. Nestled on a quiet road and is quite hard to miss when you’re passing by. The store opens at 12 in the noon and stays open till midnight, so if you ever feel like having some cold dessert in the middle of the night, you know where to go! It’s a perfect spot to enjoy some quality ice cream with your friends or bae. 

The store is close to Jayanagar metro station and the satellite bus stand in the 4th block. 


The ambience of the store is quite nice, with chic and pop interiors that will make your Instagram feed more attractive. It’s also a corona-free zone as they have installed some sort of coronavirus-killing machine so safety is assured. The staff is friendly and courteous. They’ll let you try the flavours before ordering them. 

What makes Gelatissimo ice cream so special?

For one, they contain less fat and air. And another reason is that they are fresh and authentic, unlike some ice creams which are stored for weeks. Gelatissimo serves 32 unique ice cream flavours and they are no ordinary flavours. They have flavours in lime as well, which is rare in Bangalore. Each ice cream is made fresh in-store with no added colours or artificial flavours and preservatives. They are made from natural ingredients and whole milk which gives them the rich taste and consistency. 


Must-try flavours – 

  • Candy wonderland
  • Tiramisu
  • Wicked double choc brownie
  • Boysenberry swirl

You can pick as many flavours as you want in a cup or a cone. Even the cone comes with a couple of flavours. Our suggestion would be to pick flavours that go with each other. 

It’s not just limited to ice creams, Gelatissimo also serves some of the best desserts! They’ve got gelato burgers, gelato cakes, donuts, waffles with the gelato ice cream of your choice, and oh, you’ve got to try the chocolava gelato! Will blow you away or leave you spaced out with all that chocolateness bursting in your mouth!


In vegan options, they have almond sorbet, caramel mud cake, coconut cherry choc, and more. Gelatissimo cares about its customers and understands their health and dietary needs, so they also serve sugar-free ice creams. They’ve also got some delicious thick shakes and super shakes. 


The price is not too high but there is a lot of value for money. One flavour in a medium-sized cup will cost around 100 or less. For three flavours it will come around 300 Rupees. Overall, it’s decently priced given the quality of their products. You don’t have to worry about looting yourselves here. 

Over to you

Now that we have brought one of the best ice cream parlours in Bangalore, go ahead and try all the flavours and let us know which is your favourite! After all, who doesn’t like gelato, right? From Italy to Australia, it finally lands in Bangalore and it cannot get any better than this. Stores like Gelatissimo are surely making Bangalore a lot cooler than ever! So visit it and let us what you think!


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