Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore

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The city of dreams and possibilities that no other city in India can match with. And the pleasant weather makes  one of the best things to experience in Bangalore. If you are new to the city and are unsure about what to do and explore around, then this blog is for you! Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore.

Bangalore offers some of the best, pleasant, and craziest experiences in everything from food, to weather, to shopping and nature. It all compensates for the horrendous traffic you have to go through. 

Here are some of the best things to do in Bangalore post lockdown. We have curated a list of all kinds of experiences from adventure to food, wellness, art, and nature. 

Speed Thrills

Ever watched one of those adventure movies and thought, “Oh! I wish I could have that experience”?. Well, wish granted! Your thirst for thrill and speed can be quenched in the city with go-karting, paintball, zipline, trampoline bungee, and more.

Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore
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At Red Riders, there are many activities that satisfy every adrenaline junkie out there. Probably the most fun place in namma Bengaluru, it has:

  • Go-karting, which is the most popular activity.
  • Rocket ejector
  • Giant swing – favorite among students where one of them will be harnessed by an instructor and pulled to the top of the swing. The person then has to pull the rip-cord and self-release to swing
  • Zip-line – you will slide down in the air from top to bottom with an inclined cable
Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore 1
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  • Rope-course 
  • Paint-ball – shoot with paints. Make art, not war.
  • Wall climbing 
  • Trampoline bungee jump
  • Water Zorbing – you can be Jesus for a day and walk on water. In a big plastic bubble. 
  • Archery and target shooting.

As you can see, Red Riders offers a lot to pump up your adrenaline-filled veins. Come experience the thrill and make some unforgettable memories.

Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore 2
Aquazorbing. Aqua zorbing on water.


You can have your own Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara experience in real life! (that movie really got us craving for thrills, didn’t it?). A lot close to it. Minus the bulls and scuba diving. 

You don’t have to go far and beyond to make your adventure dreams come true. It is right here, in Bangalore! The city isn’t just about the traffic, work and food. It does offer a taste of life to those who seek to live wild and free. 

Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore 3
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You can go parasailing and paragliding at Jakkur Aerodrome for reasonable prices. It’s one of the best things to do in Bangalore with your friends. The experience would be quite thrilling and will go beyond your expectations. A few moments in the sky will give you the thrill for a lifetime! Your inner child who wished to be a bird once would thank you.

You will be guided by professionals who will check everything and make sure that you are ready, so there is no chance of things going wrong. 

  • Where: Jakkur Aerodrome
  • When: Saturday and Sunday – 6 am – 5:30 pm.
  • How much: contact to get a quote – 098455 01455
  • Reviews: 4.3


Fulfill your childhood or life long dream of flying at this awesome place in Jakkur. It may not be the plane you had dreamed of  but comes close to giving you the thrill of flying. Microlight

flying gives you the adrenaline rush like no other. Being in the sky is one of the best feelings that not many can experience. 

A microlight plane is an aircraft used for recreational purposes and can carry 2 people. It has  short take-offs and landings. You get to co-pilot and maybe land the plane as well. The time duration of the flight is short, 10-20 minutes. In this short time, you get to have one of the most amazing experiences. You get to fly! 

Just imagining it is making you excited, isn’t it? Actually experiencing it can be a lot more exciting and a whole lotta fun! 

Top 10 Best things to experience in Bangalore 4

Tip: Book one day in advance. Avoid if it’s going to rain or be a stormy day.

  • Where: Jakkur Aerodrome
  • When: 6 am-6 pm, all days a week (depends on the weather)
  • How much: Rs 3000 and above
  • Reviews: 4.6
  • Contact: 090350 03434

Love for rare books and coffee in one place!

At Champaca, you can have 2 of your favourite things in so many options that you would love to spend the entire day here. A bookstore, library, and cafe in one, Champaca has carefully curated a library of books by lesser-known, lesser-heard voices that anyone can come read while sipping on a cup of joe or hot chocolate. They have children’s books too. 

An immersive kind of experience that opens your mind to new things, you will leave feeling a lot better, calmer and more relaxed than when you come in. And you will feel like coming here again. The beautiful avocado tree, the ambience in and around the place is serene and adds to that wonderful experience. 

After all, you should leave people better than when you found them, and Champaca does exactly that. 

Independently owned and run by women, this lovely space hosts read-alouds and activities that make your love for books even deeper. This kind of experience nurtures your soul and offers you a different perspective on things you hadn’t thought about. 

Image source - Instagram @champacabooks
Image source – Instagram @champacabooks

Dragon’s breath

Pretending to smoke by exhaling fog? You can pretend better and breathe like a smoking dragon at this Ice Cream store in Koramangala, called Ice breakers (not the pick-up lines). They make some of the best ice cream rolls in Bangalore.

Available in many different flavours garnished like a beautiful garden, the rolls don’t just melt in your mouth as other ice cream rolls do. They are like fireworks bursting with a mouthful of flavours and textures. 

Try their dragon’s breath, a nitrogen ice cream roll that lets you smoke!  This smoking hot cold dessert is a must try and fun to do. The place is nice too, with good ambience. 

photo credit :curlytales
photo credit :curlytales

Crazy foods – Best things to experience in Bangalore

If you are bored with the regular food and want to spice up your life, head over to Punjabi by nature 2.0. An unexpected revelation on their menu will take you by surprise (if you haven’t tried it already) and will probably be one of the craziest things you eat in Bangalore – Vodka pani puri. Available in four different flavours – pepper, tamarind, jaljeera, and ampanna. 

Image source: travel secrets magazine
Image source: travel secrets magazine
  • Where: Punjabi by nature 2.0
  • When: 12:30-11:30 pm
  • Reviews: 4.0

Travel through art

Immerse yourself in some travel-inspired art at a studio in Ashok Nagar, dedicated to illustrations of places from around the world, Ink Trails offers a unique experience to those who love art, home décor and architecture. 

Started by Archana, an architect by qualification and artist by heart, this beautiful studio with vintage interior makes for a perfect weekend outing in Bangalore. The art you see is quite interactive and relatable, and you will feel nostalgic looking at the works. Might even feel tempted to take some home. 

Image source: Instagram - @archana_inktrails
Image source: Instagram – @archana_inktrails

Inspired by history and architecture, Archana has captured the beautiful essence of buildings from Hampi, Fort Kochi, Hyderabad, namma Bengaluru, and others in her illustrations. The works pull your attention into them completely and take you through a visual journey to places you may have never been. The impermanence of the places that are illustrated makes the works more precious. 

Ink trails make customised illustrations for wall art, art prints, and home decor items in lamps, coasters, and more. Fill that blank wall in your room with beautiful art and souvenirs. 

Image source:
Image source:


Your yoga session doesn’t have to be boring. Experience the best of yoga and meditation at this yoga cafe, Yogisthan (do contact them before you visit). For those seeking solace and a place to relax, they offer a perfect place to stay, improve mindfulness and well-being with yoga. 

Head over to the cafe that serves pure vegetarian dishes. Now, what’s so special about that? It isn’t just ordinary food. The cuisine is macrobiotic and follows an age-old tradition of yogi diets. They are quite tasty and healthy as well. 

Must try some of their tea! The combination of herbs and honey is so soothing that once you take a sip, tranquility takes over your spirit! In food, they have a wide variety of options from pasta to brown rice, multi-grain bread, juices, signature Cappuccino and smoothies. 

The best thing about this cafe is the black labrador who will entertain you until your orders arrive! Your day can’t get better than that!

Image source: Instagram @yogisthaan
Image source: Instagram @yogisthaan

A relaxing and adventurous vacation!

We all could use a little bit of fun and relaxation time with nature and friends and family. It will re-energize, rejuvenate, rewire our brains to get back to daily life with rigour and fresh mind. If you’re looking for such a place that has all the fun activities and the charm of great hotels, then check out Discovery village!

Image source - Wedmegood
Image source – Wedmegood

Discovery village is an awesome resort that’s perfect for a break from the hectic life. They are located in many places and there’s one in Bangalore. Once you go there, you’ll never want to leave! This uber-cool resort has many things to offer – from adventurous activities like nature watch, bird-watching, trekking & rappelling, wildlife safari to great food, barbeque, team outing, and cozy place to stay in. Their bonfire party and camping activities are a must!

The resort provides all the comfort of a hotel paired with wild sports activities. It’s a secret place that not many know about it. Come have a relaxing time and make some of the best memories here with your friends or family!

  • Where: Discovery Village, Lalbagh road cross
  • When: Anytime
  • How much: Experiences start at INR 1500.
  • Contact: 080 468 09084
  • Reviews: 4.5

Sunrise in Lalbagh

Though the famed title “Garden city” has become less relevant today, citizens still cherish and try their best to preserve the beautiful gardens in the city. Lalbagh, Cubbon park, sankey tank, ulsoor lake, are some of the most beloved spots to relax, detox the mind and spend quality time with family and friends. 

Image source: Instagram- @suhasv
Image source: Instagram- @suhasv

The best time to visit these gardens and parks is in the early morning and late evening hours. 

The most precious place of them all is the Lalbagh. The city’s most treasured garden, visit the huge park during early morning hours. The sight and smell of the dawn are like an elixir that resets your system and rejuvenates your spirit. The fog, the mist, sunlight peeking through the trees, the chill, and the energy, are a perfect concoction to reset your system. The lake offers a spectacular view to watch the sunrise. Heavy feels!

Image source: Instagram - @anugummaraju
Image source: Instagram – @anugummaraju

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What are you going to try first? 

Share your wonderful experiences in Bangalore with us! 


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