Top 10 Best tattoo studios in Bangalore

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Are you thinking about getting inked but worried about safety? Get that rad look which is safe on skin from these amazing tattoo studios in Bangalore! Getting inked at the wrong place for a cheap price can not only leave you in tears but also leave you with regrettable designs and diseases.

Tattoos are the most popular, most wanted kind of art today. All the taboo around it has dissolved into oblivion. If you’re a hardcore fan of tattoos looking to get inked in Bangalore, then here is a list of top tattoo studios in Bangalore with price, open post coronavirus and lockdowns.


Kraayonz tattoo studio was opened in 2007 in Mumbai, by a renowned tattoo artist Sameer Patange, one of the oldest and most sought after in India. He has trained many artists and has opened studios in Bangalore and Pune.

They have tattooed some famous celebs like Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Barbara Mori, and more.

Their uber cool, hygienic studio in Bangalore is equipped with safe tattoo materials and the three artists – Deep, Ganesh and Vikas, who were trained under Sameer create absolutely stunning, realistic, colorful and awe-struck tattoos.

Image source –

You can check out their works and see for yourself that Kraayonz has some of the best professional tattoo artists in Bangalore! 

  • Where – Kormanagala
  • Timings – 1:30 pm – 9pm, Monday Closed
  • Reviews – 4.7
  • Contact – 095387 21267

BirthMark Tattoos

Rahul Mitra, the founder of Birthmark tattoo studio is one of the leading tattoo artists who does tattoos for the best price in Bangalore. He is a leading tattoo artist and cleanliness comes first. 

He says, A ‘Birthmark’ is a gift you wear; a sign that stays forever. Getting a tattoo from Birthmark Tattoo Studio in Bangalore is nothing less than a birthmark.”

Image source –
Image source –

At Birthmark, you can get customized tattoo designs done. They do cover up tattoos, portrait tattoos and sleeve tattoos with inks imported from the U.S.

image source –

Do you have any tattoo ideas or designs you would want to imprint on your skin forever? Then get birthmarked here!

  • Where:3rd floor, 5th Block, No.24, 60, 100 Feet Rd, KHB Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
  • Timings – 1:00pm – 8pm, all days
  • Reviews – 4.8
  • Price – Rs 700/sq inch
  • Contact – 099862 70521


Ganesh Acharya, the friendly-artist at Inkblot has been practicing the art of tattooing since 2013. He was an apprentice at Tattoo Wonderland and strong guidance has made him one of the best tattoo artists in Jayanagar. 

Image source –

The precision and designs are some of the best in town and if you’re looking to get some geometric, mauri or aztec tribal types of designs, then we recommend Inkblot! They also design some of the best mandala tattoos!

Image source –
Image source –
  • Where : 3rd floor, 5th Block, No.24, 60, 100 Feet Rd, KHB Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
  • Timings – 11am – 11pm
  • Reviews – 4.9
  • Price – Rs 600/sq inch
  • Contact – 096203 39442

Sculp Tattoo

Karthik Bengre, the founder and the main artist at Sculp tattoo studio, has been practicing tattoo since 2013 and the years of expertise in the art has made him one of the best-renowned artists in India. 

At Sculp tattoo, they design different kinds of tattoos. You give them an idea, they design, customize and ink it! They do some of the best watercolor tattoos in Bangalore. They are not just another tattoo studio, but a brand with their unique and signature designs that stands out from the rest.

Image source –
Image source –
Image source –
  • Where: D.NO, 467, 17th C Main Rd, KHB Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
  • Timings – 11am – 11pm
  • Reviews – 4.9
  • Price – Rs 700/sq inch
  • Contact – 097385 63204

Pumpkin Patch

Away from all the noise and chaos of the city lies a calm and relaxing space where ideas and art come alive and be imprinted on skin. The name of the studio was inspired by a line in Tim Burton’s movie, The nightmare before Christmas, that goes – ‘Skeleton Jack is the King of the Pumpkin Patch.’

Most people don’t associate the name with a tattoo studio but that’s what makes it unique. Mykel Kumar, the owner of the studio got his first tattoo when he was 18 and the passion for the art has grown since. His father encouraged him to pursue tattooing and Mykel set up a studio after working in one for a while. 

Image source – Pumpkinpatch @ facebook

At Pumpkin Patch, Mykel never does the same customized design twice. That way, he assures that every client who wants a unique tattoo is delivered a unique one. His non-tattoo artworks are splendid as well, you can catch them on his Instagram page @inkpatch.

  • Where:No. 409, 1st Floor, 2nd Main, J, Post, Ramaiah Reddy Layout, Chelekare, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
  • Timings – 11am – 6pm, all days
  • Reviews – 4.7
  • Travel time: 4-5 hours

Trippink Tattoo Studio

Oh you won’t be disappointed coming here to get inked or pierced. This studio boasts some of the most experienced and professional tattoo and piercing artists in Bangalore who are exceptional when it comes to their work. 

The founder, Ritopriyo Saha is a leading tattoo artist in Bangalore who holds a degree in contemporary art from Barcelona. He specializes in geometric, dot-work, and hyper-realistic tattoos but also does freehand Indian traditional tattoos. 

Apart from these, he does paintings, sculptures, film and writes poetry. Some of his works have been exhibited in Barcelona, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Image source –

At Trippink studio, they have a variety of options in tattoo designs – faith, fantasy, geometric, graphic, life, portraits, and minimalist types of tattoos. 

Other artists who work in the studio are also experts in the field – Sayantan Debnath and Ashwin Thekkayil who have specialisations in unique tattoo designs. 

Image source –
  • Where: #475, 1st A cross, koramangala 5th block, KHB Colony, Bangalore 560095
  • Timings- 10am – 10pm, all days
  • Reviews – 4.8
  • Price – Rs 700/sq inch
  • Contact – 097482 98107

Skin Deep

With 10 artists practicing and specializing in their own style, Skin Deep is the largest tattoo studio in Bangalore. It was born when the main artist, Senthil Arcot Govindraj realized that there was not enough clean, hygienic tattoo studio with professional artists in Bangalore. He found his calling and a medium to express.

Image source –

Skin deep opened in 2007 and has garnered quite a good reputation in the industry. They do all kinds of tattoos – color, watercolor, dot-work, mandalas, geometric, tribal designs, portraits, cover-ups, you name it! 

Whatever your idea or design maybe, they transform it into an exceptional work of art and memory etched into your skin. You will surely not regret or go for a cover-up once you get inked here!

Image source –
Image source –
  • Where:Plot No. 991, 100 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Near Sony Showroom, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
  • Timings – 11am – 11pm, all days
  • Reviews – 4.8
  • Price – 600/sq inch
  • Contact – 098863 21804

Ink Rage Tattoo

As soon as you enter Ink Rage studio, you will feel at ease, refreshed and all your worries and stress will dissipate. The atmosphere inside is incredible and a world of its own. Decorated with classic Indian scooters, framed paintings (which are for sale), and tribal motifs hanging on the wall, indeed Ink Rage studio is one of the best in Bangalore.

Image source –

The founder, Bharat Kumar Aradhya is an excellent, humble, multi-disciplinary artist who works in mixed-media – watercolor paintings, landscapes, portraits, wall art, tribal art, and tattoos. He also conducts art classes and workshops across the city. 

inkrage studio
Image source –

At  Ink Rage tattoo, you think and they ink. Get customized tattoo designs, geometric, portraits and any kind of designs you wish to get inked.

  • Where:BDA Shopping Complex, #28, 2nd, 21st Main Rd, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070
  • Timings – 11am – 9pm, all days
  • Reviews – 4.8
  • Price – 600/sq inch
  • Contact – 099725 25338

Creative Inks

At Creative Inks Tattoo hub, they design tattoos, offer tattoo removal services, training programs, and offer permanent makeup tattoos – lip blush and eyebrow. Sumiee, the founder of the studio is an enthusiastic tattoo artist who has been practicing the art since 2011. She is an ardent lover of the art and has been providing education in tattoo as well. 

Image source –

As you can see, they do an incredible job with covering up scars from injuries and surgeries. They also do skin pigmentation tattoos for people with vitiligo and patches. The tattoos are painless and permanent. For tattoo removal, they use the latest PicSure Laser machine that  is safe and easy on the skin.

  • Where:216, G. K. Complex, 7th Main, 100 ft Road, Near, Jayadeva Flyover, 1st Stage, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
  • Timings – 11am – 7:30pm, Mondays closed
  • Reviews – 4.6
  • Price – 600/sq inch
  • Contact – 096320 95533

Dark arts Tattoo studio

One of the oldest tattoo studios in India and Bangalore is the Dark Arts Tattoo studio, started by Pradeep Menon and Nagendra Rao, well-known artists in the industry. Since then, Pradeep Menon has earned a reputation across India and done more than 5000 tattoos.

In the beginning, the artists specialised in Celtic and tribal designs and slowly expanded to all kinds of designs. 

Image source –
Image source –

Pradeep who was trained by Smeer Patange, has trained many other artists who have started their own studios. He is one of the most sought after tattoo artists in Bangalore and assures 100% safety and hygienic conditions.

  • Where: #622, 1st Floor, 3rd Cross, 3rd Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
  • Timings – 10:30am – 7:30pm, Sundays closed
  • Reviews – 4.7
  • Price – For full, colored designs, starting from Rs 3000
  • Contact – 098452 91930

Tattoos are something that will never go out of trend, and the most significant fear people have about tattoos are that they have the power to print something on your body forever. It could either turn out very good or not so good.
It would be best in this case if the tattoo artist could show all of his work to his audience around all the places in the world. An online portfolio or website with their entire life’s work was In front of their target audience with all the details that the audience would need.
If you are a fantastic tattoo artist looking to build your portfolio or just to spread more awareness about your work and yourself, do visit a web designing company in Bangalore that would sort you out.

Disclaimer – We do not own any images of the places. All the images are credited to the owner and for any removal/credits of the pictures, please get in touch with us.

What’s your most memorable places around Bangalore? Do let us know!

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What kind of designs should I get?

Some tattoos are done in the memory of a loved one, some have spiritual significance like the mandalas and even some animals. Animal tattoos may have some symbolism, like a Koi fish tattoo facing up signifies overcoming many struggles in life, a Raven tattoo signifies mystery magic, protection, life, and many more. 

Tribal designs can be used to just decorate your skin. Some people like to get minimalist tattoos which are very popular today. 

But whatever tattoo you get, do a thorough research on the design and its significance before inking them. Not all tattoos have meanings but some do.

Where does it hurt less to get a tattoo?

It hurts less on the arms and legs. Wherever there is bone and the skin is delicate, like the neck and ribs, getting a tattoo there is going to hurt. But some artists may rub a mild anesthetic cream to numb the area ensuring painless tattoos.

Can I consume alcohol when i’m getting a tattoo?

It is not advised to consume alcohol or any kind of drugs as your body needs the energy to heal the tattoo. The alcohol or any drugs can get into blood and cause side-effects when you’re getting a tattoo.

Will hair grow on tattoos?

Yes it can grow on tattoos. Before getting one, wax a few days before and after getting a tattoo, wait for a few weeks for the tattoo to heal completely to shave or wax the skin.

Can I be allergic to tattoos?

It is possible that you may be allergic to pigments or needles. Before getting one, consult a doctor to avoid getting an allergic reaction and regrettable scars. Visit only certified, hygienic and safe studios with good reviews and license to get a tattoo

How much does a tattoo cost?

Normally, artists charge 500-700 rs per square inch for a tattoo. But going with a cheap one can land you with  a regretting experience and a second trip for cover up. If you feel the price is a little less friendly, wait for some time and save up. You cannot compromise on the design and safety for a cheap tattoo.


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