Top 10 best street food in Bangalore

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Top 10 Best Street Food in Bangalore

Are you searching for the best street food in Bangalore? you’ve come to the right space

The irresistible smell of manchurian being tossed in the wok, the crunch of a samosa followed by soft, subtle spiciness of mashed potatoes, the sharp tang of green chutney subdued by the gentle sweetness of imli chutney, the merciless spice of golgappa choking you under the pressure of bhaiya holding the next one ready to devour you once again……….and many more endless flavours and experiences street food offers, are the little adventures that make life more exciting!

You’re drooling, aren’t you?

Street food is not just food, it’s an emotion.

Having said that, here is a list of emotions to indulge in, that are sure to leave your tummy satisfied!

Note: Some of the street food in Bangalore stalls do not have a name. Some of them might not be open yet due to the pandemic, so it’s best to enquire before you head out. Always carry cash in case they don’t accept online payments.

VV Puram – Best Street Food in Bangalore


The best Street Food in Bangalore are made in VV Puram. Also called Thindi Beedi in Kannada, which is translated as Food Street, foodies flock here to indulge in delicious snacks that will not disappoint them!

Also, they serve mostly vegetarian food here, so it’s a big win for vegetarians.

The street will be bustling with crowds and vendors with their food cart hustling to satisfy each and every customer with their local culinary skills. In one corner, nuggets of gobi manchurian will be wrapped in rumali roti and served, in another, rasgulla dipped in sweet curd topped with chat masala, chilli powder, and boondi. An unusual revelation!

fire pann

Other revelations you must try:

  • Bath masala dosa
  • Mango corn chaat
  • Bajjis and bondas of course
  • Twister
  • Pasta
  • End your evening wildly with Fire Paan!
Mango corn chat.  Photo credits: Instagram – @delicious.foodstagram

We don’t want to give you spoiler alerts, so go explore and discover the small culinary wonders this city has.

And it’s safe and hygienic to eat here.

  • Reviews: 4.5
  • Price: not more than Rs 100 for one item.




Hari super sandwich is a popular adda, where college students nearby come often to relish a variety of sandwiches and chats! It will surely tickle your tastebuds. Their famous creation is a chocolate sandwich which, when you take a bite, are welcomed by gooey delicious melted chocolate and leave you spaced out. Diversity is an important element in Bangalore’s food culture.

Chocolate sandwich. Photo credits: Instagram - @_she_who_eats__(Ashwini Gowda)
Chocolate sandwich. Photo credits: Instagram – @_she_who_eats__(Ashwini Gowda)

Another bestseller is the Dahi chili corn cheese sandwich, which is a cheese corn sandwich topped with curd, sev, chat masala, and carrots. Yum!

Apart from a plethora of sandwiches, you get chats here as Best Street Food in Bangalore. The hot spicy, saucy, crunchy, masala puri is just amazing! You get Dahi puri as well, which is pani puri served with curd and garnished with chat masala, grated carrots, and sev.

It doesn’t end with hari super sandwich though, there are other hole-in-the-wall shops as well serving different foods that you must try.

  • Reviews: 4.2
  • Starting price: Sandwiches – Rs 30; Chats Rs 25; twister – Rs 50


Gandhi Bazar


If you are a die-hard fan of bajjis, Gandhi Bazar, also known as Basavanagudi, is the place to go. It is simply irresistible and you will definitely give in to the smell and sight of the scrumptious hot bajjis. Go ahead, take that bite and fall in love!

Photo credits: Instagram - @food_and_nails_chronicles
Photo credits: Instagram – @food_and_nails_chronicles

Next to Bugle rock park, on the police station road, you will find the famous By 2 coffee,  Bombay & Kolkata chats, Prakruthi 99 variety dosa centre, OmShiva Shakti chats centre, and more. Churmuri is delicious here. And sev puri too. Pretty much everything is.

On the other end of the police station road, which crosses DVG road, you will find a popular bajji corner on the footpath that serves some 20 different varieties of bajjis and pakoras (bread pakora is a must try) topped with grated carrots, sweet & spicy chutney, sev, and onions. They are packed with a lot of flavours, textures and fill up your tummy good.

Another bajji corner which is right next to Anand Sagar Inn, serves pineapple bajji, and it is not an abomination.

Photo credits: Instagram –
  • Reviews: Highly recommended!
  • Price: within Rs 100 you can eat anything.



Always bustling with people, street vendors selling shoes, socks, mobile covers, flowers, etc, Malleshwaram is a heavy activity zone. You will find that the entire main road is populated with numerous shopping centres, food and condiments stores. Mantri mall at the end, right next to the Sampige road metro station.

Disco chat. Photo credits: Instagram - @gautham_s_gundi
Disco chat. Photo credits: Instagram – @gautham_s_gundi

On smaller roads, where the air is saturated with aromas of flowers and street food in Bangalore, you will find many carts serving everything from Holige to egg rice and vada pav. Some of the popular vendors are:

  • Hot Chinese – Owned by Kumar, they make hot, fresh, delicious vegetarian Chinese food from a makeshift auto that converts to a street-food joint. You will find them in the evening. Located on 16th crossroad. Just ask any college students.

Price: Starting from Rs 30.

  • Snehajeevi Egg rice Gowdra – Serving drool-worthy egg masala, egg rice on a sliver (paper) platter for 18 years. It’s a favorite place for students and office-goers. Location

Contact:  099021 43123

  • Sri Sairam chats – One of the most famous foods in Bangalore, Sri Saram chats are known for their innovative unique chats – Ting Tong Masala and Disco Masala to name a few. That subtle crunch leading to a variety of spices and sweetness is like a little indie-rock party in your mouth. Intense!

Reviews: 4.2

Price: Rs 40-50

Contact: 080507 01128

  • Sri Ganesh Bombay Vada pav corner –  Made with fresh pillowy toasted buttery pav with hot vada sandwiched in between, it’s like a roller coaster of flavors inside your mouth! They make some of the best dabeli, cheese vada pav, samosa pav, and more. Surely it will become an addiction.

Sankey Tank

What can make your day better than food and a beautiful view to enjoy it with? On the 3rd main road along the tank trail, you will find street food vendors after 5 pm serving experience on plates.

At Siddi Vinayaka 99 variety dosa hawker stall, the sizzle of dosa on the stove is like music to ears! And they make no ordinary dosas. There are 99 varieties served with different toppings and chutney. Some of them are pizza dosa, pav bhaji dosa, jini dosa and more. They serve quickly and hygienically with decent pricing.

Photo credits: Instagram - @itsraunakonly
Photo credits: Instagram – @itsraunakonly
  • Reviews: 4.0
  • Price: Not more than Rs 100
  • Contact: 082175 56940

You’re drooling again, aren’t you?

Another spot on the same road for foodies is Sri Raghavendra Chats. Their items are pleasing to the taste buds and eyes as well

Reviews: Highly recommended!

Price: Rs 30


A hub for both local and high-end cafes, food stalls and restaurants, Koramangala is one of the favourite places among Bangaloreans to eat in. In the 5th block of Koramangala street food lies a trail of food stalls that serves both veg and non-veg items. Restaurant foods may be first-class, but the street food in bangalore may be even better than them, serving quality, tastiest foods. And for a cheaper price. Here they serve vibrant kebabs, masala mutton, fried snacks, rolls, tandoori chicken, seafood, and more.


Darjeeling yummy momos: Bite into hot, scrumptious momos stuffed with delightful flavours, veggies, and/or meat. Available in both veg and non-veg, steamed and fried, these momos have been hailed as one of the best by people. Served with mayo and spicy sauce which are itself a delicacy, these momos are worth every rupee and every bite is worth savouring!

Photo Credit For representational purpose only*
Photo Credit For representational purpose only*
  • Reviews: 4.8
  • Price: Not more than Rs 200
  • Contact: 8310670256



One of the most popular hangout places in southwest Bangalore is always buzzing with vehicles, sound horn, crowds, flower carts, street food vendors calling out to try their foods, and more.

Right next to the Vijayanagar metro station is Vijayanagar water tank crowded street vendors during evening hours. Start your evening with Spurthy Gobi Centre that serves different kinds of Manchurian at Rs 20-30 in gobi, potato, spinach, mushroom and baby corn. Fried rice is also available for Rs 70.

Photo credits: Instagram - @suppu_patil
Photo credits: Instagram – @suppu_patil

Head over to the paddu centre to indulge in soft, round pillowy paddu served with chutney. The texture feels quite nice paired with spiciness from the chutney. At Annapoorneshwari bajji centre, you can try delicious bajjis in potato, raw banana, mirchi, vadas and bondas, TBH, your evening is never complete without a plate of bajjis. Each one costs just INR 5.

For chats, head over to the Bangarpet chats that serve a variety of chats but floating pani puri is the star. As the name suggests, the stuffed puris are served floating in pani. Even though it looks like water, it is packed with punch and flavours. You’ll float too, once you take a bite. We all float down here.

Bombay butter dosa camp dishes out unusual dosas that are quite delicious and filling. Inspired by Schezwan sauce, the guy spreads the sauce onto the dosa doused in butter, tops it off with cheese and toppings of your choice. It’s packed with flavours that ends your evening perfectly. There are many other centres and stalls serving other kinds of street foods.

  • Reviews: Highly rated!
  • Price: Not more than Rs 100 for one item




Head over to the road down the Basilica in Shivajinagar if you love meat! Your nose will be ensnared by the smell of foods being cooked. The whole street comes alive in the evenings with the sound and sight of kadais popping, tandoor and tavas sizzling, beckoning foodies.

Photo credits: Instagram - @manju_rock
Photo credits: Instagram – @manju_rock

Some of fast food stalls you wouldn’t want to ignore are:

  • Royal Restaurant: May not look remotely royal but their food sure is! Veg and non-veg samosas, chewy parathas, chicken legs, and rice items are some of the items from their menu.

Reviews: 3.9

Price: Rs 50-200

Iqbal dressed chicken centre: This eye-grabbing small shop at the beginning of the lane makes some of the juiciest, tastiest, kebabs! Try idiyappam with kebabs of your choice. Iqbal gives you many choices – kebab fry, mutton fry, beef fry, seekh, masala fry, biriyani (it’s mind-blowing), and more.

Image source:

Reviews: 4.0

Contact: 086188 51035

  • Savera: Here, they serve tea from different places. The Suleiman chai served with nan khatai is your perfect evening date. Their kebabs are sensational as well.

Reviews: 4.4

There are other street food carts that serve hygienic foods. Rest assured, Shivajinagar is surely every non-veg lovers’ paradise.


For a taste of Rajasthan, head over to the corners of Nagarthpet. On the CT Lane off the main street lies a small corner called Annapoorna Sweets & chats, serving authentic Rajasthani dishes like papad masala which is quite popular. Papad is topped with chutney, spring onions and masala. You will not stop relishing it once you take a bite. Traditionally it is called Khichiya.

Papad masala. Photo credits: Instagram - @food_and_nails_chronicles
Papad masala. Photo credits: Instagram – @food_and_nails_chronicles

You also get floating pani puri, samosa and kachori chats during the day. If there is any room in your tummy left, try pakoda kadhi. The pakodas are dipped in curd and besan-based curry. It’s one of the most popular north Indian dishes, available here, in Nagarathpet.

Reviews: 4.4

Another corner you must not miss is the Mayur Pan Mahal & Juice centre near the famous Laxmi Nataraj Restaurant. They make some amazing Bombay street food. Their unique vada pav is made with pav toasted in pure ghee, topped with thick tomato-based sauce and onions. The taste is absolutely bang-on. Location.

Contact: 099802 61014

Also recommended you try Baath Dosa at a cart opposite of Rajhans Golden Mall.

  • Reviews: 3.9
  • Price: not more than Rs 100 for one item.




For the best of French Food in Bangalore, we have discovered a place in Indiranagar, called Paris Panini. Now, it is not a typical street food cart, but a really nice small cafe that stands out with its blue wall and door. Some of their must-try items include Sophie and Laura Panini. But whatever you order, it will be of the highest quality. The ambience is great as well.

  • Reviews: 4.4
  • Price: Rs 500 for 2

paris panini

There are many small cafes like Kasol Cafe (Bengali) where they serve street food. But if you want to try the roadside, hole-in-the-wall ones, then head over to Calcutta Famous Chats on 17th E cross, Chinmaya Mission Hospital road. Their menu consists of puchka panipuri, Cutlet chaat, dahi cutlet, chola tikka, and more.

  • Reviews: 4.2
  • Price: Rs 20-40
  • Contact: 080 4296 0781

Which place are you going to first eat in?

Let us know in the comments below if you have any favourites!

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