Where to find the best dosa in Bangalore

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There’s nothing like a good plate of best dosa in Bangalore to make your day. Breakfast of champions, they say. It originated in south India and is a favourite among many. Heading out to MTR or Bangalore cafe to gorge on some hot, ghee-y, masala dosa after a run in lalbagh in the early morning hours is one of the best ways to spend time in the city. 

You can find the best dosa in Bangalore and nowhere else in the country, at least not as good. And anybody who leaves Bangalore without having dosa is missing out on something great. Life must not be wasted that way. 

We all can agree that hotel dosa tastes much better than homemade, especially the chutney. With that said, here are some of the best hotels in Bangalore where you’ll get lip-smacking, soul-satisfying dosa! It’s going to be legen-wait for it-dary! 

Taaza Thindi

Where – Jayanagar 9th Block and Banashankari 3rd stage. 

Timings – 7am–12pm, 4–9:30pm

How much – Approximately 200rs for two

Here, you’ll get a plate of golden brown, crispy and fluffy masala dosa for Rs 20. It’s smeared with a good amount of ghee which gives that unique taste and irresistible aroma. Served with Gatti (hard) chutney, it’s quite delicious and filling. It’s a self-service here and there is no seating available, so it’s best to visit here for a quick breakfast before heading out. 

Image source – taaza-thindi.business.site

Apart from dosa, you could also try idli with vada, chow chow bath and Kesari bath. Your breakfast isn’t complete without a hot cup of strong kaapi, so down some before you leave. 

Taaza thindi has multiple outlets. 


Where –  7th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru – 560003

Timings – 7am–12:30pm, 4–9:30pm

How much – Approximately 100rs for two

Central Tiffin Room is one of the famous tiffin centres in Bangalore that started in the 1920s by Y.V Subramanyam. They are known for serving the best benne masala dosa in Bangalore and have won many awards for the same. Keeping the taste and legacy alive for several decades, the hotel is a crowd-puller and has garnered lakhs of fans from all over the city. Citizens of all ages come here for their quality, iconic food and if you haven’t yet tried, now is the time. 

Image source – Instagram

As the waiter carries plates of masala dosa lined up on their arms, you will swoon a bit at the aroma of the melted butter. The batter sizzling on the tava is music to the ears. They have coconut and pudina chutney to go with the dosa. 

Image source – Instagram

The aloo has just the right amount of spiciness to it. Apart from benne masala dosa, they also have set dosa, the usual chow chow bath, Mangalore bajji is a must-try and is available only in the evening, and maddur vada. It’s a typical south Indian snack that is packed with spices and other flavours accompanied by chutney. 

Hotel Janata

Where – 162, 8th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru – 560003

Timings – 8:30am – 1pm; 3:30pm – 8pm. Wednesdays closed

How much – Approximately 100rs for two

Another famous and favourite hotel in Bangalore is the Janata hotel. Its name is like a siren to many. You will find a huge crowd drawn to them any time of the day they are open. Serving delicious breakfast and snacks since the 1970s, their iconic dosa comes to the rescue of many people who are exhausted after a shopping spree in Malleshwaram. They make the best masala dosa here. 

The place isn’t heavy with ambience or decor, but it doesn’t matter because the food is great. And it’s a really old hotel, so you’ll likely enjoy the old charm Bangalore. 

Image source – Zomato

Their Mangalore bajji is also a revelation! Softballs of fried batter that’s crispy and golden brown on the outside go well with the chutney served and is perfect for an evening snack. So if you’re shopping in Malleshwaram, drop by here to relish some amazing south Indian dishes.

Siddappa hotel

Where – Ashwath Nagar, 7th Block, Sampangi Rama Nagara, Bengaluru – 560027

Timings – 8:30am – 12pm

How much – within 50Rs

This hotel is quite a rave in Bangalore. It’s wedged between houses and a long queue is the only sign that you’re here. It was started by Siddappa 30 years ago. The speciality of the hotel is that they serve only half a masala dosa because the demand is quite high. If you want to have more, you will have to wait in line. For full dosa, you can go for normal Kali dosa or ghee dosa.  

Image source – Bangalore guide

The thin, crispy dosa is cooked to perfection and is doused in ghee. It is served with bland mashed potato but balances with the rich flavour of the chutney. They also serve rice bath and idlis with chutney and vegetable saagu. They’re quite soft and fluffy. 

Malleshwaram dosa corner

Where – 251, 17th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru – 560003

Timings – 7;30am – 10pm

How much – Approximately 100rs for two

If you’re looking for the best dosa in Malleswaram, go to Malleshwaram dosa corner. 

An underrated dosa corner in Malleshwaram, you get some of the best Davangere style benne dosa topped with chutney powder and served with coconut chutney here. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall hotel with a short menu, but you can order different kinds of dosa and just relish the best taste. There is no parking here, so better take a cab or go with a two-wheeler and have a quick bite. 

Image source – metrosaga

Bengaluru cafe

Where –  9th Main Rd, 2nd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru – 560011

Timings – 7am- 12:30pm; 4pm – 9pm

How much – Approximately 100rs for two

Not to be confused with Bangalore cafe! Bengaluru cafe is one of the best dosa joints in Bangalore, so famous for their food that they have no match! No other branches either. So the joint is always crowded at any time they are open. Highly popular for their benne masala dosa in Bangalore and you must try it. The chutney is also quite tasty and smooth. The quality, quantity and hygiene are top-notch! 

Image source – Google

Apart from dosa, you must also try the vada and the Mangalore bajji. It’s available after 4 in the evening. 

Ganesh Darshan

Where – No.244, 9th Main Rd, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bengaluru – 560011

Timings – 7am – 10:30pm

How much – Approximately 200Rs for two

On a corner of the main road in Jayanagar 3rd block is a hotel that serves some of the best dosa in Jayanagar. It’s usually crowded in the evening. There is no seating but you can stand at the tables and enjoy the food. They serve dosa with gatti chutney and hot sambar. The masala dosa is doused in ghee but don’t worry, it won’t clog your arteries. As you take a bite with the medium-spiced mashed potato dipped in chutney, it just melts in your mouth, the flavours explode and you can taste the ghee as well! It’s not just dosa, it’s an experience. 

Image source – Google

You may also try the kali dosa, ragi rotti, Khara bath, idli vada, and oh, if Mangalore buns are available, that’s a must-try. The filter coffee here is too good! 

Hotel Dwarka

Where – 7th Cross Rd, NR Colony, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru – 560019

Timings – 7am – 12:30pm; 3:30pm – 8:30pm. Tuesdays closed

How much – Approximately 100Rs for two

This decades-old joint attracts mostly the middle-aged and old people who have been coming since they were young. It has been featured in many newspapers and has won awards too. 

Image source- Google

You can find the fluffiest yet crispiest dosa here that is topped with blobs of butter. It melts away before you even take a bite. Since it’s a very old hotel, you will find the interiors reminiscence of old Bangalore. It’s clean and well maintained. The waiters will be carrying chutney and saagu in the tumbles and serving it to customers who need a refill. 

It’s self-service here. The masala dosa comes with bland mashed potatoes & onions, smooth chutney and saagu. Every bite of dosa doused in butter itself tastes great! You can also go for set dosa or kali dosa which are equally good. In all the years of the operation, the iconic taste has remained the same and so is the value for money. 

Image source- Google

Must try the maddur vada as well. Finish off the meal with a hot glass of filter coffee and you’re left feeling fantastic! 

Brahmin cafe

Where – No.6, 10th Main, opposite Banashankari stage 1 post office, Bangalore, 2nd Block, SBM Colony, Banashankari Stage I, Bengaluru – 560050

Timings – 6:30am – 12pm; 4om – 9pm. 

How much – Approximately 150Rs for two

The brahmin cafe is known for serving some of the best south Indian breakfast in Bangalore. Not to be confused with Brahmin’s coffee bar, though they are equally famous. They have multiple outlets in the city and they’re usually crowded in the morning hours. You get the softest, fluffiest idlis here, accompanied by vada, which is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Go for the dip style, where they serve the breakfast in a bowl plate filled with sambar. Chutney is served in a small cup separately. 

Speaking of dosa, the benne kali dosa is highly recommended. It is quite fluffy and is accompanied by smooth chutney. The masala dosa, on the contrary, is crispy and served with spiced mashed potato and chutney. Also try the puliyogare, another popular south Indian breakfast and there is no better place to try it than at Brahmin’s cafe. Finish it off with their signature coffee. 

There is only standing option but that’s a normal thing in most local Bangalore eateries. Hygiene is well maintained. 


Where – Locations

Timings – 7am – 9:30pm. Mondays closed

How much – Approximately 200Rs for two

Mavalli Tiffin Room, MTR is a famous brand in south India. It was founded in 1924 in Bangalore and invented the famous south Indian breakfast, Rava idli. There are 10 outlets in Bangalore, one in Udupi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and 2 in Dubai. You will always find a long queue in Jayanagar and Lalbagh outlets, even for a cup of filter coffee. The quality is that good. 

Masala dosa at MTR is quite crispy and thin soft on the inside, doused in ghee served with piping hot sambar which has a unique taste. The aroma of the ghee is enough to make you swoon and just dig in the food. If you leave Bangalore or stay in Bangalore without having MTR dosa, you’re missing out on some great south Indian food. Do not leave without having some filter coffee!

Chikkanna Tiffin room

Where –  #32, 30th Cross Rd, Kanchan Nagar, Cubbonpete, Nagarathpete, Bengaluru – 560002

Timings – 7:30am – 11:30am; 4:30pm – 8pm

How much – Approximately 150Rs for two

A more than 50 years old breakfast joint in cubbonpet, they are famous for kali dosa and set dosa. It’s a small hole in the wall establishment with limited seating. Though they cook the same food as the other mentioned joints, the taste is different. The recipe to is the same but it’s the proportion of the ingredients that make the difference. 

The kali dosa comes in single and double. Toasted on both sides, fluffy and soft, topped with a spoonful of ghee and chutney, the taste is out of the world. And they are served on banana leaves. The masala dosa is crispy and golden brown on the outside, soft on the inside, topped with medium-spiced mashed potato. Like most local hotels in Bangalore, they are reasonably priced. 

Vidyarthi bhavan

Where – 32, Gandhi Bazaar Main Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru – 560004

Timings – 6:30am – 11:30am; 2pm – 8pm. Fridays closed

How much – Approximately 150Rs for two

Last but not least, and one of the best, Vidyarthi Bhavan! It has got over 32000 reviews on Google! Every Bangalorean is familiar with this place, whether they have visited or not. Probably the most iconic hotel in Bangalore that is located in Basavanagudi. 

The place still preserves the charm of old Bangalore and has been serving quality food to customers since 1943. It’s been regarded as a heritage south Indian restaurant. At any given time, you will see a long line or a big group of people waiting to get a table inside. 

They add red rice to the batter which gives dosa the unique taste. As soon as you get a table inside, a waiter comes to take the order. You will find other waiters carrying a tower of dishes, portraits of famous Indian personalities hung on the walls, and minimal decor. It’s clean and well-kept, despite the overwhelming crowd. You get masala dosa and plain dosa, we recommend you try both! And a cup of frothy filter coffee before you exit. 

Over to you

To get the authentic taste of any food, you have to eat it in its birthplace. Once you try eating at all these places, you’ll agree that Bangalore indeed serves the best dosa in the entire country. The same goes for other south Indian breakfasts too. Now it’s up to you to decide where to eat the best dosa in Bangalore! Where is your favourite place to eat south Indian breakfast? We’d love it if you share with us and if you know any other joints in Bangalore that whips up amazing dosas, let us know and we’ll add it to the list! 

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